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Bringing your real estate agency into the 21st century with Microsoft

Microsoft has created an amazing product that can help real estate agents become more efficient and connect better with potential buyers and sellers. Microsoft helps real estate businesses to be more successful by providing many different tools for them. For example, they provide digital marketing solutions like social media content and ads, online marketing solutions […]
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How Microsoft Forms can help you connect better with customers

Microsoft Forms is an underrated tool to use in your business. It allows you to create digital forms online and collect the necessary information that you need to have a successful business. People love giving their opinion and sharing their thoughts online. Microsoft Forms takes full advantage of this trait, and makes it easier for […]
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Microsoft has increased the price of some of its Microsoft 365 Licenses

Microsoft has recently advised that they are increasing their licensing charges and the associated minimum commitments terms. Here’s what you need to know. When is the Microsoft 365 Price Increase Happening? A: The price increase will go into effect on July 1, 2022 for all existing subscriptions and the 14th of March 2022 for new […]
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What are the advantages of technology for nonprofit organisations?

Nonprofits are at the forefront of social change. They are making a difference in lives by doing work that is critical to society, yet their resources are constrained and they often have tight budgets, making it challenging to perform meaningful work in their area. Nonprofit organisations rely on donors and volunteers for funding and manpower. […]
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How is change management impacting project management in business?

The last few years going through a pandemic has sped up change in all areas of our lives and work. Rapid change has left little room for sitting still and waiting to see what happens, and this adaptation is here to stay as organisations move towards post-pandemic operations. Change is an important feature of business, […]
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7 big ways Windows 11 changes Windows 10

In this new digital age, so much of our lives are played out on a PC. From that important business meeting that spans continents, to online education – the PC has become paramount. With so much time spent on the PC, it’s important that user experience is seamless. Having the best operating system available and running on PCs ensures businesses are as productive as they possibly can be.   […]
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Adapt to the new hybrid work world with Windows 365

In August, Microsoft will release the highly anticipated Windows 365. But what is Windows 365 and how does it differ from other Windows releases?  Windows 365 is the world’s first Cloud PC and is set to revolutionise the way operating systems have worked and run to date. Windows 365 was developed during the pandemic by software engineers and developers to […]
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PrintNightmare: Why you need to update your Windows OS NOW!

In the wake of recent large-scale cyberattacks around the world, Microsoft has declared that a further critical vulnerability has been discovered in the aptly named PrintNightmare Print Spooler nightmare. This is not something that should be taken lightly by anyone and here’s why… On June 29th, 2021, a security researcher and technical architect tweeted a […]