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VoIP and Hosted Phone Systems

Enterprise-Grade Hosted Phone System For Your Growing Small Business

With Australia’s fibre network now improving we can deliver hosted phone solutions to almost any part of Australia no matter the size of your business.

Communication is key to any business – you need to be able to connect with customers, prospects and colleagues at any time and from anywhere.

Cloud-based systems are more agile and future-proof. They also require less effort in order to maintain or upgrade the system, which could save your company a lot of time.

  • Enterprise-level phone system at a small business price
  • Quick & easy to deploy
  • Feature-rich and elastically scaleable
  • Available anywhere from any device, not just your work desk
  • Lower operational costs
  • Remote Extensions
  • Long distance call savings
  • Helpful technical support

Simple Solution

Focus on growing your business rather than managing the upkeep of back-end platforms and services.

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Flexible & agile

Scale up or down with freedom, and choose only the services you need for your business – all updated automatically from the cloud.

Available anytime, anywhere

Access all your services from any device, taking your office number with you anywhere and ensuring your teams have everything they need from any location.


Integrated & Connected

Our solution integrates with the most popular apps and services, including Microsoft Teams, CRM, email, and collaboration Solutions, ensuring 360° connectivity for your business.

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Microsoft Teams Calling

Integrate with Microsoft Teams

We innovate every day, and recently we have integrated Microsoft Teams with our phone system. This allows you to make local calls from your smart phone or your PC as if you were making calls from your desk phone, anywhere in the world.

You no longer need cumbersome third-party apps to make your office mobile – use Teams calling to make your office completely in the cloud and give your users mobility.

Discover how!