Microsoft Teams Calling

Cloud PABX Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Become More Productive

We love embracing new technology. Thanks to Microsoft and Lindentech Microsoft Teams Calling can now be deployed in small-medium businesses. This means, say goodbye to your desk handsets and use your PC, Mac, or smart device to make phone calls anywhere, anytime (and appear to be at your desk!).

Our new Teams Calling offering incorporates a full-blown enterprise-level phone system in the cloud which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office365.

No More Desk Handsets

Desk handsets tie you down to making phone calls from your desk. We’ve taken your desk handset and put it in the cloud so you can use your smart phone or your computer as a desk handset. Which means no more desk phones.

However, if you still want a desk handset, you still have the option of having one.


Unlimited Calls Included

No more unexpected bills. One flat charge per user to cover all your costs. Our phone system includes your local, international, and mobile calls.

Mobile Office

Sign-in to Microsoft Teams from any device and any location to start working in your ‘pop-up mobile office’.

Microsoft Teams

Available on Any Device

There is nothing worse than not being able to download your data during a disaster. Our backup solution is highly available and stored right here in Perth.