We offer on-site IT Support to businesses in Perth

Support your team with a seasoned, full-time, on-site IT support team that keeps your business running with minimal disruption.
On-demand access to IT professionals
Focus on scaling your team
Cost control and budgeting - only pay for what you need
Reduce downtime & outages
25 years of industry experience
Flexible work arrangement

How on-site IT support helps your business grow

With Lindentech, you get access to reliable IT support and technical account management, equipping you with the skills and experience you need to meet your business objectives. Our Perth-based team of certified IT professionals are equipped to handle your support needs.

Going one step further than offering on-demand, on-site support for you and your team, we proactively monitor and manage your IT environment, leveraging your investments.

See how Lindentech can help your business focus on growth

  • Reactive On-site IT Support

  • Reliable Support

  • Flexible Support Options (e.g. term time only)

  • 25 Years Experience

  • Highly-Qualified Technical Experts

Reactive, on-site, full-time IT support in Perth

We understand how frustrating disruptions can be, and we aim to protect you from unnecessary downtime. 95% of the time, our remote team will detect and resolve any issues without any need to visit your site. In the small number of cases this might not be possible, our specialist on-site engineers will be available to visit your premises to resolve the issue.

If you need more full-time support (e.g. business growth, a strategic internal team focus, etc.), we can provide permanent on-site IT support. Whether you need full-time on-site, IT support daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, we can help. Our on-site IT support team puts you at an advantage with our deep understanding of your IT infrastructure, allowing us to resolve your issues swiftly and efficiently.

Seasoned on-site IT support in Perth

If your business implements skeleton staffing at key periods (e.g. Christmas or school holidays), we’re on-hand to ensure your technical needs are met during these times. In addition to our remote support desk, we can supply you with professional staffing resources to ensure your business continues to run smoothly during these periods.

Our friendly, competent on-site IT engineers are always ready to go the extra mile for your business. We want to understand your business goals, objectives, and environment to craft an IT strategy that helps you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a Perth-based on-site IT solution, drop us a line, and our IT support consultants can chat about your options.

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