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Dream Every Day

We empower our team to dream every day and follow their passions. At Lindentech we’re totally focused on our people, who in turn focus on our customers. Our highly-respected team focuses on making relationships with our clients stronger and treat every client as their own. We allow them to find new out-of-the-box solutions to modern-day business issues that deliver the best efficiency for the business.

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Nurturing a Growth Mindset

We nurture a growth mindset culture to attract and retain superior talent. We’re made up of ambitious technical experts who are passionate about seeing our clients succeed. We’re dedicated to keeping up in this fast-paced IT world and invest in training and industry-specific certifications.

The Perks

Continuous Learning

Growth mindset is a requirement. We are committed to the growth and development of our team.

Computers and information technology

Training Provided

As an employer we’re raising the expectations by providing the learning tools, personal development courses, educational events, and an excellent place to work.

Flexible Work Environment

Flexible working arrangements are a part of the modern worker; at Lindentech we give our employees the freedom of working from anywhere.


Quarterly Team Building Events

Every quarter, our team gets together to go do something fun. So far, we have done, Indoor Sky Diving, Cooking Class, Escape Room, Mini Golf, and many more!


We recognise all the hard work our employees put in to deliver our great service. We have a formal employee recognition system in place to appreciate our team.

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We have taken a leaf out of Sir Richard Branson’s book and celebrate the smallest of wins. We only need a small excuse to have a cake and champagne ready in our office.

Let's go Far Beyond 'Everyday IT' Together

If you love IT, and are fulfilled by simplifying complex challenges for others, then Lindentech’s flexible and diverse environment is for you.
Email our people management team – with a cover letter that explains your passion for enabling others to thrive.