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Microsoft PowerBI makes it easy for you to turn your raw data into visualisations that help you make decisions faster and help your team prioritise work.

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Microsoft Excel Data is Boring

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Transform Your Reports With Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft PowerBI for Small Business

PowerBI for Small Business

Lindentech helps implement PowerBI for Small Businesses. We know PowerBI consultancy costs are exorbitant for the SME market, so we with our approach, we have made it easier for small businesses take advantage of the powerful analytics available in the Microsoft PowerBI suite

  • Fixed Cost Project Work
  • Local Support
  • Designed Specifically for Small Business
  • Per User Pricing Model

What is PowerBI

PowerBI is a data analytics solution that helps you turn tables of data into visualisations. Lindentech has made it easier for Small Businesses to be able to afford enterprise solutions.

From Excel Spreadsheets to PowerBI

PowerBI will help you remove your excel spreadsheet reporting and turn them into visualisations that you can share with your team so they can make right decisions and on the fly.