When working from home

With most businesses now having employees work from home. Security at home is crucial.

Unfortunately hackers attack during the most vulnerable circumstances and Lindentech is committed to ensuring your users are adequately secure while working from home. We are expecting a rise in the number of breaches in the coming weeks and have partnered with some enterprise level security providers to deliver a bundled product that provides end-to-end security for the remote user.

Key features

Malicious website protection

Scanning and verification of each and every link that a user clicks on their PC.

User education

Proactively testing and educating users on the latest threats

Policies and compliance

Making and distributing user policies and ensuring compliance

Enterprise level email Scanning

Robust email scanning to ensure malicious emails are eliminated

Password management

Management of shared passwords across your disbursed team

Multi-factor Authentication Management

Secure users using multi-factor authentication for remote access to your systems
Security as a service

Our Plans

Security as a Service




Website content filtering



Security Courses for users

Basic mail scanning (ATP)


Multi-Factor Authentication management

Enterprise level mail scanning

Proactive Security service

Umbrella (Deep web)

Password management (LastPass)

Policies and compliance

Proactive User Education Platform

Security as a service

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