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Transform your network with increased productivity, security, and reduced network downtime.
Strategic, future-proof roadmap development
Resource allocation & investment advice
Risk management and mitigation
Centralised information management
Secure hardware & network migration

Transform your network into a business asset

Business ICT infrastructure can often be overlooked as an asset and approached without an ad-hoc manner. While this might address the short-term business needs, in the long term, this approach may lead to issues such as IT ‘siloes’, overprovisioning, and out-of-date hardware.

Lindentech’s network consultancy and management services are available for companies looking to enjoy a well-planned IT infrastructure’s long-term benefits. ICT infrastructure can be a powerful business asset when strategically planned and implemented. In the long term, ICT infrastructure can help boost workplace productivity and ensure continuity by providing a strategic roadmap that identifies and manages potential issues that may arise in the future, such as ageing hardware or new technology.

Let us focus on your IT infrastructure so you can focus on growth

  • Network monitoring

  • 25 years of industry experience

  • Network consultancy

  • Integrated IT solutions

Why choose Lindentech for your network management and consultancy?

Since 1996, Lindentech has helped businesses throughout Perth establish and maintain their network infrastructure. Our 25 years of industry expertise puts us in the perfect position to offer your company strategic advice on the most viable solutions to meet your business objectives.

Lindentech offers a range of comprehensive solutions, including:

  • Network maintenance and support
  • Daily management of your core network infrastructure
  • Managed solutions
  • Cloud computing
  • CRM
  • Security management
  • IT support
  • MDM
  • Network monitoring
  • Firewall & router maintenance
  • Troubleshooting, server upgrades, monitoring, etc.

Partnering with one organisation for all your IT needs helps ensure proper integration of all your systems while eliminating double handling and fragmented support.

Get world-class network management support in Perth

Get world-class network consultancy and management from our team of certified network engineers based in Perth. Lindentech Australia’s Perth team is available around the clock to keep your IT network running optimally at all times. We offer support from professionals held to the highest standards of accountability.

Our network management services are tailored to your business, as we understand that each business is unique. If you’re looking for a local network management specialist to monitor and fix your network problems, drop us a line and to chat about your options.

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