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Our Mission

Our mission is to help every business that we work with become as productive and as efficient as possible through the use of technology.

Our Values

Growth mindset

Personal and professional development is key for the growth of our company.


It’s our job to ensure your IT runs smoothly, now and into the future.


We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for running your IT department.


We’re there for you when you need us. That’s our promise to you.


We believe simple is compelling. That’s why we make sense of the complex, so you don’t have to.


We take pride in our service and provide honest advice.

What our employees say...

Everyone is forward thinking and always happy to change. New ideas are always welcomed.

Jason Strachan

Level 2 Projects/Support Engineer

Emphasizes on customer relationships and being personable.

Derick Dao

Level 2 Support Engineer

I can fill in my own start and end time. This comforts me because some days are busier than other ones.

Marcus De Kuyper

Customer Success Executive

Flexibility of time off. People approach to ask if I am okay. People also pull me out to talk on a personal level to ensure I have a peace of mind.

Glyn Wilks

Support Manager

They are very flexible in working around peoples personal lives which makes it easy when you are working towards something or there are personal emergencies, the team is highly supportive and adaptive.

Iain Thomson

Projects Lead

Glyn and Jawid inspire me to always work on myself and find something different about myself each day. Whether that is inside or outside of work, they keep me accountable for my constant growth and motivate me to always be better than what I was yesterday.

Derick Dao

Level 2 Support Engineer

Transparency with improvement and feedback.

Derick Dao


Absolutely amazing culture with a constant push to onboard new technologies and adapt to changes within the industry.

Jason Strachan


Every day is a positive vibe. Always improving and refining each other's skillsets. Growing together and developing.

Derick Dao

Level 2 Support Engineer

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