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Is your real estate agency in need of a cybersecurity strategy?

Over the past decade, there have been many high-profile attacks on industries such as healthcare, government, finance, and retail companies. However other less obvious sectors are also at risk as well. One of these lesser known targets is the real estate sector. While it doesn’t automatically bring cybersecurity attacks to mind, the real estate industry […]
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Is malicious automation really a threat?

Automation is a common business tool used to make systems and processes more efficient for various industries, from financial services to manufacturing. Companies can automate tasks such as data entry, customer service, and forecasting, increasing productivity and reducing overheads. The cybersecurity industry is also using automation tools in a bid to increase protection against malicious […]
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Steps to managing a data breach

With the number of Australian businesses using the internet rapidly increasing, so too has the number of data breach incidents, most notably in the financial and healthcare industries. Data breach prevention is essential in the age of the internet. With the number of data breaches constantly increasing each year, companies can’t afford not to invest […]
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What Is A Zero Trust Strategy?

In today’s era of evolving business models, it is important to look at all the different ways your organisation will be affected. Organisations that believe their current security systems are infallible based on using firewall security may find out to their detriment this is not the case. The rise in cybercrime and the shift to […]
The problem of legacy technology for financial institutions - Computer

The problem of legacy technology for financial institutions

In 1994, Bill Gates stated that “banking is essential, banks are not”. While that may have been difficult for us to imagine in 1994, as technology advances, we can see that the financial industry is transforming but not without technology-based challenges. The traditional banking model was extremely ‘people’ centric. Customers would visit ‘bricks and mortar’ […]
How application whitelisting protects your business - Les Métiers du Numérique

How application whitelisting protects your business

Application whitelisting is one of the ‘Essential Eight’ cyber security mitigation strategies established by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). It is one of the most effective mitigation strategies in cyber security. The Essential Eight are a list of eight strategies and the ACSC recommends they be implemented to protect the digital assets of businesses. […]
How supply chain attacks work - My Restful Mind Inc.

How supply chain attacks work

The rise in supply chain attacks over recent years is a clear sign that organisations need to consider them a serious threat. The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity this year predicted a four-fold increase over the next year.  These days, endpoint security like stringent password protection, multi-factor authentication and virus scanning, is not enough. Organisation’s […]