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7 big ways Windows 11 changes Windows 10

7 big ways Windows 11 changes Windows 10 - Computer Monitor

In this new digital age, so much of our lives are played out on a PC. From that important business meeting that spans continents, to online education – the PC has become paramount. With so much time spent on the PC, it’s important that user experience is seamless. Having the best operating system available and running on PCs ensures businesses are as productive as they possibly can be.  

The highly anticipated Windows upgrade was launched in June this year. Windows have not released an upgrade since 2015. That’s a long time ago. A lot has changed in the world since then.  

Here are seven of the big ways Windows 11 is a step up from Windows 10.  

Added security 

Security is the hot topic in businesses today. At the very least, business IT teams need to be trained and have a high level of security awareness. Windows 11 builds on this foundation by taking us one step closer to a passwordless digital existence. Working together with hardware manufacturers, Microsoft have created an operating system in Windows 11 that moves to a zero-trust framework. With the aim of removing passwords, Windows 11 allows users to create a Microsoft account that uses the face or biometrics rather than a password. Building encrypted biometrics into a virtual machine, Windows 11 protects users from malicious actors attempting to steal their data to gain access.  

A faster operating system 

Upgrading to Windows 11 will feel the same as a regular Windows 10 update. This is because Windows 11 is a more efficient and therefore a faster operating system. Not only will the time it takes to start your PC be faster, but applications will run faster. More importantly, surfing the web will be faster.

A smoother ride 

A simplified and cleaner design to declutter your life. Rather than the Start menu being on the side of the screen, it is now at the bottom centre of the screen. It sits to the left of other important application icons like Windows Explorer. There’s a search icon for finding and launching applications. It also gives you quick access to Microsoft 365 and the cloud. Microsoft has used the best in design to provide an interface that is pleasant on the eye and easy to navigate.  

Better organisation  

The power of the Windows operating system has always been the way in which users can organise different applications. Windows 11 takes this approach and offers users more. The snap feature will allow users to lock and unlock windows into place, or group windows and lock them down. Or multiple desktops can be set up for different aspects of life. In business, this can mean users can create separate desktops that cater to the various roles an employee can have. For example, an IT professional may like a separate desktop for their development environment and another for everything else. 

Enhanced collaboration 

A major enhancement available in Windows 11 is that Microsoft Teams has been in-built into the operating system. This will make collaboration easier, increasing business productivity. The new Teams and chat functionality will be available on the task bar and give users access to all their contacts regardless of the operating system they’re using. If their contact doesn’t have the Teams application, the user can still communicate with the contact via two-way SMS.  

The potential of the Microsoft App Store  

For the first time ever, businesses will be able to be benefit from the offerings of the Microsoft App Store. Android apps will be able to be downloaded and run in the Windows 11 environment giving businesses the power to do more. The reverse of this is that businesses will be able to develop and upload their own apps to the store. This will create more economic opportunities to grow and reach new customers. Businesses have the option of bringing their own commerce systems into the store and keeping 100% of the profits or using Microsoft’s with a competitive profit share. 

Touch, voice, and graphics enhancements  

Windows 11 takes advantage of the latest hardware advancements with enhanced voice, touch, and pen useability. Coupled with enhanced graphics that will definitely be of interest to businesses in the visual/gaming spaces, Microsoft 11 will help businesses do more, faster. Reliable voice typing that automatically punctuates will allow users to take a break from typing. 

To keep up with the times in this new digital landscape having the best Microsoft Windows has to offer puts businesses ahead of the rest. Call Lindentech to find out how they can help with your PC operating system needs and upgrading to Windows 11.  


  • August 18, 2021


    The added security in Windows 11 makes me happy. I think with future updates or with Windows 12 we’ll get to a point where it is very, very difficult to break into someone’s PC if they have Windows correctly set up.

  • August 24, 2021


    I’ll drink to that, Jason. I hate passwords and any move away from them is a good move in my opinion. The sooner we get rid of passwords for anything the better.

  • August 28, 2021


    From what I’m seeing so far, Windows 11 has the potential to be even better than Windows 7 which was my favorite. They’ve added new features like creating separate desktops (which a lot of people are excited about). Let’s hope Windows 11 helps make things a lot more secure and fast.

  • August 29, 2021


    We’ve been using Slack for some time but we’re open to suggestions (if Microsoft Teams is better). Could Slack be implemented well with Windows 11? And in your professional opinion, would Teams be a better choice than Slack in a 50+ employee company?

  • September 17, 2021


    @Clarence – I also like the Start Menu placement now and I’m all for taking ideas from other companies (in this case, Apple). If it works and improves your product, why not implement it?

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