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7 big ways Windows 11 changes Windows 10

In this new digital age, so much of our lives are played out on a PC. From that important business meeting that spans continents, to online education – the PC has become paramount. With so much time spent on the PC, it’s important that user experience is seamless. Having the best operating system available and running on PCs ensures businesses are as productive as they possibly can be.   […]

Adapt to the new hybrid work world with Windows 365

In August, Microsoft will release the highly anticipated Windows 365. But what is Windows 365 and how does it differ from other Windows releases?  Windows 365 is the world’s first Cloud PC and is set to revolutionise the way operating systems have worked and run to date. Windows 365 was developed during the pandemic by software engineers and developers to […]

MICROSOFT TEAMS: what it is and how it can benefit your business

As the world and business went into lockdown over the last year, Microsoft Teams took off as an excellent solution to many businesses remote working issues, providing communication and collaboration opportunities via a virtual chat-based workspace which allows colleagues to organise and hold meetings, chat about projects, and share files and documents securely.  Despite its […]

Improve your employee experience with Microsoft Viva

The arrival of Microsoft Viva could not have been better timed. As workplaces all over the globe have accelerated the move to remote working, the role that the employee experience plays in the stability of organisations of all types cannot be understated.  By providing an integrated employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva answers the question of […]

Sharepoint – an Essential Platform to Boost Efficiency and Collaboration for SMBs

At the core of every business is effective communication. Every business has its challenges with team communication – but just how damaging can poor communication be to your productivity and success as a small to medium-sized business (SMB)? An article about the cost of poor communication within businesses highlighted that even minimal poor communication in […]