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Sharepoint – an Essential Platform to Boost Efficiency and Collaboration for SMBs

Sharepoint - an Essential Platform to Boost Efficiency and Collaboration for SMBs - Computer Monitor

At the core of every business is effective communication. Every business has its challenges with team communication – but just how damaging can poor communication be to your productivity and success as a small to medium-sized business (SMB)? An article about the cost of poor communication within businesses highlighted that even minimal poor communication in companies with 100 employees can result in an average annual loss of $420,000. If you think this may not apply to your small business or that poor communication isn’t costing you money – it is time to reconsider. Approximately 80% of fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint as their primary means for intranet, communication and collaboration. Even the smallest of teams can take advantage of some of the best tools in the market to maximise productivity thanks to SharePoint. 

Lindentech is here to help your business run more effectively, by connecting you with technology to make your business life easier. To optimise communication amongst your team, it is essential that you take advantage of technology as part of your internal communication strategy. To reduce confusion and time spent navigating multiple systems, choose a technology solution that offers all essential features in one central location. Developed by Microsoft, Sharepoint offers a central platform for seamless team collaboration and a highly effective document management system. 

Sharepoint can help your SMB to optimise productivity and collaboration – please see below for ideas : 

Document Management and Collaboration

Sharepoint makes content sharing easy, from anywhere and on any device. Multiple users can make real-time edits to documents simultaneously in Sharepoint, without the risk of document confusion or loss of content. Edits are synced to the document library automatically and securely, with a full revision history available if required. This feature is particularly ideal for team members who travel and need to access Corporate data remotely.

Tasks and Assignment Lists

Increase transparency amongst your team and a shared understanding of the progress of tasks-in-action, by publishing key lists centrally in Sharepoint.

Team members can ‘vote’ on ideas shared amongst the team, making it easier for businesses to prioritise tasks, ideas and projects. Through a rating system, overall input from the team can be produced in minutes.

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams provides a cohesive workspace for teams working together on a project and towards a common goal. Featuring a dedicated team chat function and productivity hub, it works to promote the team’s productivity. Content organisation, team calls and meetings can all be hosted within this workspace.

 Meet Regulatory Compliance

Despite the ever-changing issues regarding regulatory compliance, having the capability to protect and secure your documents is paramount. Sharepoint features a regulatory compliance document management portal which assists your team to manage regulatory formation both easily and efficiently whilst maintaining compliance.


A major highlight of Sharepoint is in its range of flexibility and customisation. Additional features include: a user-friendly comprehensive search function, a newsfeed to keep your team up to date with industry-relevant updates; the hosting of internal communication; and the sharing live documents during virtual meetings.


 Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool which guarantees real business value and is readily available to you through your Office365 subscription. Get in touch with our dedicated Sharepoint technician who can assist your business to get the most value out of Sharepoint.