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Adapt to the new hybrid work world with Windows 365

Adapt to the new hybrid work world with Windows 365 - Computer

In August, Microsoft will release the highly anticipated Windows 365. But what is Windows 365 and how does it differ from other Windows releases? 

Windows 365 is the world’s first Cloud PC and is set to revolutionise the way operating systems have worked and run to date. Windows 365 was developed during the pandemic by software engineers and developers to serve businesses both now and in the future.  

Today, users have many devices with data and apps across all of them. There is no consistency, and security is lacking, but what if users could have the benefits of having one PC while also having multiple devices? This is where the concept of the Cloud PC comes in. 

Windows 365 and the cloud PC – what is it?

One setup, one PC, multiple devices – Windows 365 is your PC in the Cloud and can be streamed to any device. If you are in the middle of something and have to log out of your PC and run off somewhere else, no problem. You can log into your PC on another device and your desktop will be exactly how you left it. You won’t have to remember what you were typing, or what apps you had open, and re-trace your steps to get back into your work. You won’t have to install your apps multiple times across different devices, and your apps are the same everywhere you go. You won’t have to try and remember what device that certain file is on as your data is stored in one place. Your desktop will look the same everywhere you go. 

Think of the time every user takes each day when they have to leave their PC and return to it and try and remember where they left off. Think of the time, money, and headaches it will save to have everything in one place only once. Seamless, portable, and productive. You can now take your PC anywhere, any time, on any device – a phone, a PC, a tablet, a MacBook. Windows 365 is the new Cloud PC. 

Adapting to the future  

The pandemic has introduced the standard workplace to the unthinkable. Working in the office only is not the norm anymore as flexibility and the hybrid work model is the way of not only the now but of the future. 

The pandemic may have created challenges, but it also created opportunity. International collaborations, teams, and opportunities once only possible when people were physically in the same area are now achievable. Without the requirements of physical space, businesses can realistically look at how they can reduce their costs and collaborate more efficiently. They can take advantage of what this new digital world has to offer without leaving their physical location.  

Microsoft’s annual work trend index showed that 73% of employees want flexible remote work options moving forward, and 67% of employees also want more in-person collaboration. Hybrid work is the way of the future, and  Windows 365 helps to simplify and streamline the workforce of the future. 

Enhanced security 

What this new hybrid way of working has introduced is a security risk. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to this new threat, so how do they secure every device an employee may use? How do they protect business data? Windows 365 can help put businesses at ease.

With all data and login credentials kept in one place, in the Cloud, businesses only have to worry about securing one digital space – the Cloud. Users log into their Cloud PC via a browser, and, using a Zero Trust framework, Windows 365 helps protect data and credentials through remote IT administration. Remote administrators can monitor performance and security with powerful analytics and deploy security and resources from the comfort of their own Cloud PC. They can also implement different policies for different regions and users, including multi-factor authentication. 

Speed and power 

Windows 365 streams Windows 10 or Windows 11 to any device. It is accessed via the browser, but once logged into the Cloud users benefit from the speed of the Cloud. Fast uploads, downloads, and file-sharing can take place seamlessly even if the physical machine is slower than those speeds. Administrators can also allocate extra resources to specific devices when needed.  

The virtual private network was the past; this is the virtualisation of the future. Gone are the days when an IT administrator needed to be physically available to update a device or apply a policy. Windows 365 provides them with powerful analytics, so they can monitor devices and the Cloud and make the necessary adjustments to provide the best performance for business. 

Increased productivity and reduce business costs  

Today, businesses face new challenges, but, fortunately, there are products that can help them not only continue operating but also expand, build, and thrive. Contact the experts at Lindentech to see how the team can help your business save time and money and take advantage of the new hybrid workforce with the new Cloud PC.


  • August 19, 2021


    Windows 365 should have been here 5 years ago but it’s good that it’s here now. I’ll take it. So many of us hate to have to open all our programs and apps on another device to resume work. Even thinking about it can lead to me not doing any work at all.

  • August 26, 2021


    I wonder if it will be hard for me to learn how to use Windows 365 well. I’m in my 50s so anything new can pose a challenge for me. My memory is not as good as it used to and I’m not as patient as I once was. I guess I can always hire you to teach me and my company staff how to work with it.

  • August 30, 2021


    Do you guys have any plans of adding a Windows 365 guide for small businesses?

  • August 31, 2021


    @James – Why not get a quote from Linden Tech and see how much it would cost to have them take care of it and others? We’ve worked with them recently and they are a good company, very helpful.

    PS: we’re also a small business.

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