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cloud disaster recovery

Disaster recovery options in the cloud

Disaster recovery is a crucial aspect of any company’s IT infrastructure. In the past, this was typically done with a backup strategy that involved storing backups in data centres or on-site storage devices.  However, traditional disaster recovery solutions have high rates of partial or even total failure; a recent study reported that 75% of IT […]
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Using Azure to boost your real estate business

Dozens of essential tools are available to help you run your real estate business more efficiently and effectively. With the right set of software tools, you can easily track your leads, manage your marketing campaigns, and stay organised throughout the buying and selling process.  Azure offers a wide variety of software solutions to improve your […]
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Cloud migration and digital transformation: what’s the connection?

Businesses have been rapidly adopting cloud computing as a way to reduce costs and increase agility. The shift to the cloud is also a natural progression for many businesses, as it is a model that can be used to easily expand a business’ computing capabilities as needed.  Businesses moving their operations to the cloud have […]
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Cloud infrastructure: what are your options?

Cloud infrastructure is the backbone of today’s digital world. It’s becoming more popular as it becomes affordable and convenient for businesses to use. It has become an integral part of our digital world and offers many benefits. Choosing the right cloud infrastructure to provide modernised cloud computing, networking, and data storage resources can be tricky […]
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Should you shift your commercial spend?

The increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives and businesses has changed the way we interact with the world. Regardless of your industry, to thrive in today’s competitive business world, embracing new technologies and trends is imperative. Over half of businesses plan to increase their IT budgets, but with so many advances happening at […]
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The top technology trends in finance and accounting

The accounting industry is not what it was twenty years ago. While the fundamental principles have remained the same, it is the technology advancements that have changed the accounting profession. For example, the recent CPA exams focused on automation, data analytics and the need for a digital and data-driven mindset. What accounting firms and finance […]
Cloud managed services- what you need to know -

Cloud managed services- what you need to know

Today, many businesses are increasingly migrating to flexible and cost-effective cloud computing technologies, with the support of third-party cloud managed services providers. The recent increase in cloud usage due to a worldwide pandemic has also accelerated the rate of cloud trends that are transforming IT in the future. Cloud managed services are when a business […]
Cloud Computing Is Changing Management - Business

Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

The future of business is in the cloud. Cloud computing is changing the way industries and organisations store, share, and process information, making it easier and more cost-efficient in every way. Cloud management services allow organisations to make sense of much more information in a shorter space of time, which means management is also changing. […]