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Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

5 Cloud Trends That Will Reshape IT in 2021

Pre-2020, the general expectation was that cloud computing would continue to grow as a catalyst for enterprise-level digital transformation. This expectation was unexpectedly accelerated in 2020 with a global pandemic that led to a significant increase in cloud usage, and 6 years’ worth of digital transformation change compressed into 6 months.   Businesses have shifted en […]
14 Reasons to go Cloud Today

14 Reasons to go Cloud Today!

Millions of businesses around the world have already moved to the Cloud – so why have they made that decision? Here’s 14 of the top reasons businesses have move to the Cloud: Cost Reduction: Less Office Space required for servers, reduced cost of using applications in the cloud. Meet the demands of the business: Extra capacity […]
Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

With NBN now available in the majority of Australia, copper networks are about to be mostly defunct; with it the onsite PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) systems. In this age of cloud, most onsite PABX systems in the SME market will need be upgraded and/or moved. If you are a business and NBN is live […]