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Developing the right IT strategy for your non-profit

Improving IT performance and scalability is one of the biggest challenges for non-profit organisations. They operate with limited resources, and are constantly working to balance the need for efficiency and cost effectiveness. When it comes to choosing the best IT strategy for your non-profit organisation, there are a variety of factors to consider. You have […]

The right IT can improve decision-making in your business

As the digital transformation of the business becomes mainstream, the demand for data-driven decisions is becoming greater than ever. Businesses are turning to IT tools and apps for help in making faster, more informed strategic decisions.  With the right IT, your business will be able to improve decision-making through the use of data analysis, predictive […]

5 ways to save your non-profit money through better IT solutions

The digital age has revolutionised the way people do business and the way they interact with their customers, colleagues, and donors. Non-profit organisations are no exception. As with all other businesses, non-profits are embracing the digital transformation to improve their effectiveness and achieve greater financial transparency and accountability.  However, as a non-profit organisation, you may […]
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The top technology trends in finance and accounting

The accounting industry is not what it was twenty years ago. While the fundamental principles have remained the same, it is the technology advancements that have changed the accounting profession. For example, the recent CPA exams focused on automation, data analytics and the need for a digital and data-driven mindset. What accounting firms and finance […]
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What Is A Zero Trust Strategy?

In today’s era of evolving business models, it is important to look at all the different ways your organisation will be affected. Organisations that believe their current security systems are infallible based on using firewall security may find out to their detriment this is not the case. The rise in cybercrime and the shift to […]