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cloud disaster recovery

Disaster recovery options in the cloud

Disaster recovery is a crucial aspect of any company’s IT infrastructure. In the past, this was typically done with a backup strategy that involved storing backups in data centres or on-site storage devices.  However, traditional disaster recovery solutions have high rates of partial or even total failure; a recent study reported that 75% of IT […]
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Developing the right IT strategy for your non-profit

Improving IT performance and scalability is one of the biggest challenges for non-profit organisations. They operate with limited resources, and are constantly working to balance the need for efficiency and cost effectiveness. When it comes to choosing the best IT strategy for your non-profit organisation, there are a variety of factors to consider. You have […]

The right IT can improve decision-making in your business

As the digital transformation of the business becomes mainstream, the demand for data-driven decisions is becoming greater than ever. Businesses are turning to IT tools and apps for help in making faster, more informed strategic decisions.  With the right IT, your business will be able to improve decision-making through the use of data analysis, predictive […]

5 ways to save your non-profit money through better IT solutions

The digital age has revolutionised the way people do business and the way they interact with their customers, colleagues, and donors. Non-profit organisations are no exception. As with all other businesses, non-profits are embracing the digital transformation to improve their effectiveness and achieve greater financial transparency and accountability.  However, as a non-profit organisation, you may […]
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Bringing your real estate agency into the 21st century with Microsoft

Microsoft has created an amazing product that can help real estate agents become more efficient and connect better with potential buyers and sellers. Microsoft helps real estate businesses to be more successful by providing many different tools for them. For example, they provide digital marketing solutions like social media content and ads, online marketing solutions […]
Business - Insurance

How Microsoft Forms can help you connect better with customers

Microsoft Forms is an underrated tool to use in your business. It allows you to create digital forms online and collect the necessary information that you need to have a successful business. People love giving their opinion and sharing their thoughts online. Microsoft Forms takes full advantage of this trait, and makes it easier for […]
Management - consulting company

Cloud infrastructure: what are your options?

Cloud infrastructure is the backbone of today’s digital world. It’s becoming more popular as it becomes affordable and convenient for businesses to use. It has become an integral part of our digital world and offers many benefits. Choosing the right cloud infrastructure to provide modernised cloud computing, networking, and data storage resources can be tricky […]