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Improve your employee experience with Microsoft Viva

Improve your employee experience with Microsoft Viva - Software

The arrival of Microsoft Viva could not have been better timed. As workplaces all over the globe have accelerated the move to remote working, the role that the employee experience plays in the stability of organisations of all types cannot be understated. 

By providing an integrated employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva answers the question of how to empower remote employees and teams. Viva strengthens employee personal development in a remote working age, where staff can easily become disconnected from their work.

The rest of this article will explore the core features of Microsoft Viva, and how companies can leverage its potential for the greater good of their employees. 

There are four key modules central to the Microsoft Viva platform, all of which make up an integrated, holistic employee experience: Topics, Insights, Learning, and Connections. 

Viva Topics

Viva Topics facilitates more effective use of in-house knowledge and expertise by using AI to identify assets, knowledge, and experts, into shared categories. This feature helps organisations to empower their workforce with the data-driven insights they need to work smarter – all within the workflow of Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Viva Insights

Insights integrates Workplace Analytics, MyAnalytics, and Glint together on one platform, offering employees personalised insights to their working patterns. This ultimately helps to promote productivity, while building collaboration and ensuring that time is allocated to well-being through breaks and dedicated learning time.   

Viva Learning

Employee reskilling is vital for organisations wishing to stay relevant in an era of rapid digital transformation. The learning module makes training and continuing professional development easily discoverable and accessible within employee’s flow of work. 

The module aggregates content from Microsoft’s learning partners and the organisation’s own learning and development content, ensuring that employees have seamless access to the necessary tools they need for their professional growth.  

Viva Connections

Connections eases access to internal company resources through a branded employee hub that pools together company news, benefits, well-being opportunities, and learning resources.

Connections makes it simpler for organisations to optimise communications with a distributed workforce, empowering leaders to guide the evolution of organisational culture in a more consistent and scalable way.

Tap into the potential that Viva offers

Viva presents a world of opportunities for organisations large and small, and across a range of industries. At Lindentech, we can help you tap into the potential that it presents, working closely with you to create and hit milestones such as the following:

  • Day 30: establish an employee experience baseline view with roadmap included. 
  • Day 60: measure sentiment and productivity using use insights and additional analytics, while advising management on employee well-being.
  • Day 90: provide a consistent experience across a work location types. 

If you’re keen to explore the potential of Viva and maximise your employee and workplace experience, contact our team to get started.

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