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Using Azure to boost your real estate business

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Dozens of essential tools are available to help you run your real estate business more efficiently and effectively. With the right set of software tools, you can easily track your leads, manage your marketing campaigns, and stay organised throughout the buying and selling process. 

Azure offers a wide variety of software solutions to improve your real estate business. it can help you manage your properties, manage your tenants, and access a wealth of data. It can even make sure you’re paying the right amount of taxes on your income from properties. 

With these solutions in place, you can comfortably maintain a full-scale real estate firm on your own. Or, you can leverage the power of the cloud and outsource key business functions like leasing, property management, and sales and marketing to a third party. 

What is Azure?

Azure is a suite of cloud computing services that includes analytics, machine learning, storage, and much more. It’s an open platform with many features that are available to developers as well as end-users. It allows developers to build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of data centres.

Developers can use Azure’s tools to develop their own custom applications, or they can use Azure’s pre-built templates for web apps, mobile apps, games, and more.

Real estate investing and portfolio management

Investing in real estate can be a very challenging, time-consuming, and complicated venture. With specialised software, you can easily track your investments, find strategic partners, analyse market trends, and stay on top of local regulations.

To manage your investments, you can use the Portfolio feature in the Microsoft Azure portal. This allows you to track all your assets (land, buildings, and more), perform accounting functions, and access key data to make informed decisions.

Customer service and sales

With tenants, clients, and other stakeholders relying on your expertise, you need an efficient and effective way to manage communications. With Microsoft’s Azure, you can create a virtual reception desk that allows you to manage communications with clients and tenants from a single location. 

You can also create a dedicated virtual office that replicates the feeling of being in person with the ability to manage communications and collaborate on projects.

Data analytics for greater business insights

Azure’s data analytics can tell you what your competitors are doing, how to better manage your business operations, and even help make key decisions. Azure offers the best insights into competitor behaviour by providing information on their usage of different products or services in real-time. As a result, it is easier for you to think strategically before making any move so that all of these moves will be more successful than ever.

This insight is available at an instant glance via Azure’s Business Central dashboard, as well as through reports based on past activity and recent occurrences within the company. These include property listings created or updated recently, allowing new opportunities to be spotted quicker.

Properly understanding how clients use properties isn’t always easy when there are many variables involved, which is why Azure has developed predictive models. These models have been proven most accurate when predicting potential customer behaviours, such as forecasting who among your current customer might buy next month.

These predictions allow for proactive management strategies rather than reactive ones only after-the-fact response — making sure every decision is worth twice its weight because it provides options rather than one solution.

Improved financial decision-making

In today’s market, real estate professionals are expected to make more and more informed financial decisions on behalf of their clients. Whether you’re managing a single property or an entire portfolio, you need a system that allows you to track important data and identify potential issues.

An essential part of running a successful real estate business is knowing which campaigns are working best and which ones should be shut down. Modern marketing campaigns are often based on insights from data analysis. With an effective analytics system in place, you can track campaign performance and identify which campaigns are bringing in the most leads.

Azure’s analytics package is a powerful tool that can be used to track business performance and campaign effectiveness with unmatched accuracy. This helps businesses avoid the guesswork of marketing, saving them time and resources while also helping ensure they are reaching their full potential as a business.

Strong security for sensitive information

Real estate agencies carry a lot of private data – from intimate property details, and customer information, to financial records. 

Azure’s security features are designed to protect your data from unauthorised or unintended access. It can do this with a combination of authentication, authorisation, and encryption that prevents eavesdropping on wire-line traffic, tampering at the server level, and unauthorised physical access devices connecting to servers in offsite locations, and bypassing firewalls.

Find the right Azure solution

Azure offers a wide range of features that will benefit your real estate agency – from data analytics and portfolio management to robust security measures.

The cloud technicians at Lindentech have all the tools and expertise to help you migrate your business over to Azure, and guide you on the journey to integrating its features into your agency. Talk to them today.