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Technology: Tech trends in 2021 that will help your business

Technology is constantly changing and being reimagined, and the emerging technologies we are seeing now allow businesses to improve day-to-day operations through better organisation and strategies as well as streamlining. Therefore, it’s important to keep up to date with the world of technology, so you can embrace those changes which will ultimately improve how you […]

Changing supplier bank details on your accounting systems

Currently we are seeing a spike in email account breaches now that more people are working from home; every time the problem could have been avoided. The solution  – Multi-Factor Authentication.  With more people using their own PCs at home to do work – PCs outside of the ‘normal’ work environment – users are more […]
The Melbourne Hotel - 5 Star Hotel in Perth

The Melbourne Hotel

Our Client Built in 1893, The Melbourne Hotel is Perth’s oldest hotel. Completely redeveloped in 2017, the heritage listing placed on the hotel meant that the original building needed to be preserved as closely to the original as possible. During the redevelopment a new building was added to the hotel which added an additional 60 […]
14 Reasons to go Cloud Today

14 Reasons to go Cloud Today!

Millions of businesses around the world have already moved to the Cloud – so why have they made that decision? Here’s 14 of the top reasons businesses have move to the Cloud: Cost Reduction: Less Office Space required for servers, reduced cost of using applications in the cloud. Meet the demands of the business: Extra capacity […]