14 Reasons to go Cloud Today!

14 Reasons to go Cloud Today! - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Millions of businesses around the world have already moved to the Cloud – so why have they made that decision?

Here’s 14 of the top reasons businesses have move to the Cloud:

Cost Reduction: Less Office Space required for servers, reduced cost of using applications in the cloud.

Meet the demands of the business: Extra capacity of remote servers can mean that processing of information is done quicker.

Remote Access: Remotely located employees have easier access to applications and can work anywhere they can access the internet / wifi signal. Can create more flexible work arrangements (work from home), reduce office space requirements with hot desks rather than allocated space for every person.

Increased Collaboration: Syncing between staff and being able to work on documents and shared applications at the same time – improves office efficiency & productivity. Will also improve the collaboration in the office, across divisions and countries.

Software updates and upgrades: easier to roll out changes to software and version control using the cloud. Security updates are done off-site without involvement of onsite staff.

Disaster Recovery: The Cloud stores information quicker and makes it easier to back up past versions. Whole offices can be up and running again in hours as opposed to days.

Flexibility & Application Choice: more opportunity to test and trail the applications that work best for your business. Easy to switch between applications.  The ability to upscale quickly to meet demand without the physical constraints of exiting systems.

Fast Implementation: Without the hassle of a server – new applications/programs can be introduced into a business. Also a “Pay by Use” model may be applicable depending on the application, saving more money.

Energy Efficient : More energy efficient to do processing in the cloud and less expense to run servers in the office. A big reduction in the carbon footprint of an office.

Sharing: Sharing resources and cloud space means it is ultimately a more efficient environment.

Capital Expenditure reduction: Paying by the month means no big capital expenditure, predictable ongoing expenses and reduced start-up costs for new businesses.

Security: When laptops and computers are lost or stolen – data in the cloud means the data can still be accessed with our without the device.

Competitiveness: Small businesses are able to always looking for competitive advantage over bigger businesses – being able to respond quickly to new situations means they potentially can get up and running quicker.

Reduction in Staff cost: Many relatively small organisations can very easily do away with their onsite IT Manager as many of the tasks assigned to this role are being handled off-site (security updates, software implementation, hardware updates).


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