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Technology: Tech trends in 2021 that will help your business

Technology: Tech trends in 2021 that will help your business - Digital marketing

Technology is constantly changing and being reimagined, and the emerging technologies we are seeing now allow businesses to improve day-to-day operations through better organisation and strategies as well as streamlining. Therefore, it’s important to keep up to date with the world of technology, so you can embrace those changes which will ultimately improve how you do business. Now that we are well into the year, here are some of the current tech trends that could help your business transition from ordinary to extraordinary.

“Operate Anywhere” model

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the pandemic has shown us this. While remote working models were not previously unheard of, the pandemic has made them the norm for many businesses. Whereas we once believed that business operations should be carried out at one primary location, we now accept that location is maybe not as essential as we once thought it was – and Gartner agrees

The “operate anywhere” model is exactly how it sounds – support customers, enable employees, and manage business services anytime and from anywhere. This is more than just “operating remotely”; it is digitally enhancing the previously physical location to a point whereby the location itself becomes irrelevant, and the transition into a digital environment is seamless and more flexible than anything the physical environment could previously offer.

With this model, businesses can be more agile and dynamic when it comes to their marketing, design, and even operations teams. They can also provide more efficient customer service with a 24/7 presence in real time.

A “Total Experience” for everyone

The idea of “Total Experience” is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in the technological world. This means that there is a focus on developing new technologies, but also designing innovative experiences for people to enjoy. In 2021, we should be seeing more of this trend as companies are looking for ways to create new experiences with the integration of technology, and how it can be used to enhance the customer experience by connecting all consumer touch points.

The goal of “Total Experience” is to provide a personalized and seamless experience for consumers. The marketing strategy behind it is to use data analytics tools to learn about the customer, their past purchases, location, and other factors used for targeting specific ads. This enables marketers and advertisers to target consumers at every stage of the process which leads to increased sales conversion rates.


Hyperautomation is the next step for the automation of tasks that were once done by humans, and it will continue to be a trend in 2021 and beyond.

Hyperautomation is a technology trend that entails automating and scaling repetitive tasks, massively reducing the amount of work needed to complete them. As organisations adopt hyperautomation, they’ll be able to automate a wide range of tasks with their existing employees. Some tasks will be replaced by AI-based automation technologies, while others may be augmented with additional human input. In either case, employees will then have more time to focus on more value-added initiatives.

Hyperautomation has been a long-time coming in the world of IT operations management (ITOM). It has been the most desired operationally focused technology trend for IT professionals over the last few years and according to Gartner, remains at the forefront of business tech trends.

Reimagined Cybersecurity Network

The frequency of cyberattacks has increased significantly in recent years, which has caused cybersecurity to become an important topic on the global agenda.

Some of the biggest cybersecurity companies are already looking into how to make a network more secure and less vulnerable to external threats. Some of these companies are even exploring using blockchain technology in the future, which could make information shared between different parties more secure.

In short, the cybersecurity network is being reimagined as a layered defence system that would protect our data. Layer 1: provide protection and detection of attacks against your networks and systems; Layer 2: prevent attackers from breaching your networks or systems; Layer 3: identify unknown threats before they can attack your networks or systems; and Layer 4: detect, respond, and recover from security incidents without disrupting business operations.

This trend in the future of cybersecurity is all about prevention with more advanced technology that stays ahead of cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity Mesh

A cybersecurity mesh is a system that allows for automated detection of cyber-threats. Mesh networks are composed of small, wireless security sensors placed around the perimeter of a network. These sensors monitor the network for cyber-attacks and send alerts to the central monitoring station, which sends messages to an administrator’s device, providing quick feedback on potential threats. Mesh networking is the fifth wave of the Internet and is especially prevalent in small businesses.

This trend helps to reduce the costs, time, and risks that come with cybersecurity while providing more flexibility to businesses. This technology has been used for decades by business and military organisations but it’s becoming more feasible for smaller companies to use this technology as well.

Distributed Cloud

Distributed cloud is an emerging technology trend that is quickly becoming the norm in the tech world. It has a wide range of applications and benefits from a variety of perspectives, one being that it allows for greater mobility.

It will help small businesses to reach out to new customers and distribute their content on more platforms. Cloud computing also helps with reducing costs as it can operate with fewer resources due to its decentralised structure.

Distributed cloud is expected to be one of the most crucial trends in 2021, especially for companies looking for a better return on investment.

Stay up to date

One of the most important points to keep in mind is that technological innovation will continue to evolve, but with a managed service provider like Lindentech, you can keep abreast of technology’s evolution and retain your business’s competitive edge – anytime, anywhere.   

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