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7 Steps to Create an IT Budget for your Small Business - Vector graphics

5 ways an IT partner empowers your business to do more

Productivity through technology  You already know about how important IT is to a business, but are you getting the full benefit of your IT architecture? Working with an IT partner is about much more than keeping the lights on – it is about developing a technological arsenal and a long-standing strategic partnership that will drive your […]
5 Steps to building Business Intelligence using dashboards - Microsoft Power BI–Business data analytics

5 Steps to building Business Intelligence using dashboards

Business intelligence is now a common term amongst business owners. BI software is now mainstream and in high demand in medium to large businesses. However, for small businesses, it is still a struggle due to complex (but small) databases and the consulting time it takes to deploy them; until now. Firstly let’s look at what […]
Benefits of ongoing corporate training - Customer relationship management

Benefits of ongoing corporate training

We are robots. We sleep for 8 hours, work for 8 hours, do sports/ watch television/ scroll through social media/eat…another 8 hours. Over and over again until a year has passed and we still haven’t learned anything new. I am sure that you’re good at your job, you’re amazing at doing what you do because you’ve […]
App of the week - SHAZAM - Graphic design

App of the week – SHAZAM

  Have you ever been listening to a song and wondered what it was called, or who was singing it? Shazam will identify any music playing around you in seconds and better still, if you are connected to Apple music it will download it straight to your music play list. Give it a go!

Fit more books into your Life!

LISTEN AT HOME OR ON THE GO We love audible in our office and you will too! If you don’t ever seem to have time to pick up a book and indulge in its pages then give audible a go. It has the largest selection of audiobooks, premium podcasts, original audio shows, book series, periodicals […]

Insanely Cool Gadgets for Tech heads continued

Christmas Day is only 26 days away….Each week I will feature one of our staffs faves …. something they want for Christmas! This week is Reg’s choice… the new Pixel 3 Apparently it has… A battery that lasts up to a day, and more. A amazing camera plus unlimited online storage. Charges fast. Lasts a long time. An […]
Making Time Count - Gift

Making Time Count

The perception of time is fascinating. Humans have defined time as seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. We know how long each metric goes for, yet we still always say, “wow, that year went by fast”. We are just letting time pass us by. We do things on a daily basis as a routine […]