Dial A Glass

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Our Client

Dial A Glass is a West Australian family owned business who have been operating successfully for 30 years. A future focused company that likes to be forefront of technology. Dial a glass is constantly looking at ways to improve their products or being innovative with new ones.


The Challenge

Infrastructure was very dated, and slow, and caused serious downtime in their business. Windows 2003 was still being utilised and EOL software was extremely outdated. A lot of the hardware desperately needed upgrading to allow them to work at the pace and the level they expected.

Our biggest concern in the initial stages was the custom in-house application that they were using, which were built on access 2003.


Lindentech tailored solution

Lindentech worked with a developer to upgrade and re-build the application to run a newer version of access. This also allowed us to upgrade the server infrastructure to the latest application. We slowly upgrade all their infrastructure starting with Office 365, and eventually a new SQL server and terminal server.


Future Plans for Our Client

Lindentech are continually working with Dial A Glass to allow them to keep being innovative. The IT infrastructure that we put in place really increased the productivity of the team and continues to do so.