Lindentech Case Study – IAS Group

Lindentech Case Study – IAS Group - IAS Group & ICR-ias Joint Venture

About IAS Group

IAS Group is a leading provider of decommissioning, preservation, and asset integrity solutions for Oil & Gas, Mining, Infrastructure and Industrial sectors. They deliver market leading services across on/nearshore, topside, splash zone and subsea infrastructure and are always looking for new ways to deliver cost-effective brownfield solutions to their clients. An innovative company, IAS Group uses market-leading technologies to deliver the services that their clients need to thrive.

What was the challenge?

As the company expanded its business operations and developed its client base, the existing IT infrastructure was getting stretched to cope with the increasing user demands.

Other factors contributed to the difficulties faced by our client. Outdated servers caused operational inefficiencies. Employee productivity dropped due to frequent system downtime. As a result, around 35 users were under-utilised and unable to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

How did they approach us?

A trusted business partner referred IAS Group to us. Our partner understood the IAS Group’s forward-thinking outlook and knew we were best placed to become their new strategic technology partner.

How did we deal with it?

Our first goal was to review the current situation and build a picture of IAS Group’s challenges. We delivered our findings over the course of three comprehensive workshops.

We began the process by conducting an overall review of our client’s IT infrastructure and operations. This review formed the basis of the first workshop, and it allowed us to identify key issues. We then devised a strategy for tackling any inefficiencies we identified. The strategy discussion was the second workshop’s main focus.

Finally, in the third workshop, we talked our client through a roadmap for implementing the necessary changes. Using the IT roadmap, we revamped and improved our client’s infrastructure at a sustainable and manageable pace.

What was the solution?

We proposed a multifaceted solution to IAS Group’s identified issues.

First, we proposed new IT infrastructure, including hardware and server upgrades where appropriate. Our goal was to ensure that our client had a stable internet connection with less downtime and disruption.

We then introduced a new cloud/onsite hybrid IT environment to allow our client to deliver services more effectively, and to access data more efficiently. To help our client’s teams to transition to a cloud environment, we introduced SharePoint support.

Finally, we brought in an upgraded phone system to improve collaboration between teams.

How did we implement the solutions?

The goal was to minimise day-to-day business disruption for IAS Group. As such, we tackled small issues one at a time.

Working during weekends and evenings to reduce disruption, we replaced the network infrastructure entirely, and we upgraded the server infrastructure.

Although the initial takeover caused some internet outages, the client experienced, at most, a half day’s downtime during the whole process.

What was the result?

IAS Group now has a scalable and stable infrastructure suitable to their expansion goals. The result is no downtime during business hours and less frustrated users.

The 70-user company now has an environment designed for 100 users, and there’s renewed user confidence in our client’s IT infrastructure.

Our client can now work through the cloud and expand its remote working operations. Overall, our client has derived substantial satisfaction from the project.