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Bourkes Real Estate - Design

On behalf of Bourkes I would like to firstly commend you/Lindentech for the ongoing service and support we receive and secondly congratulate you with respect to your techies – not only are they knowledgeable and efficient, they always come to our office with a smile on their face.

As you are aware, we’ve had some issues with our server upgrade and without all hands on deck, our operation could have, would have, been compromised. This had nothing to do with Lindentech expertise – the supplier was unable to produce the product ordered.

We all spent time and energy discounting likely causes until finally the supplier admitted there was serious design fault – in their order system!

The Thomson twins (Yes, you know who you are…) and you (Jawid) are so familiar to our staff, not just when things go wrong but also because things go right!

As an administrator in a busy real estate office, I can’t speak highly enough of the support, advice, dependability and even education I’ve received from the crew at Lindentech. Insufficient superlatives to fully express our satisfactions.