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5 reasons why you should outsource end-user managed services

5 reasons why you should outsource end-user managed services - Consumer market

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate as are business requirements, software, devices and cloud services. There are updates and new software being released continuously which can be really confusing and a worry for a business that has limited or no in-house IT staff or capability.

It can be hard to keep up or know what systems and support the business needs to keep working, stay connected and proactively address issues. And then add businesses growth into the equation and IT requirements can change.

An end-user managed service can provide you with a myriad of services including remote and onsite support, access and software on user devices, database management, application support and so much more. They turn your business requirements into solutions and take the guess work out of technology.

As a business you can have all these taken care of but will it really benefit your business and at what cost and risk? We explain how it works and break things down for you.

1.    Reduced and predictable costs

When building your in-house IT capacity, you have to invest in infrastructure, devices and management of systems which means it comes at a considerable cost, which can make your CFO unhappy. Hiring and training of in-house IT staff is also costly and becomes another expense the business has to pay.

When using a managed service provider, you can reduce those costs and predict costs with fixed monthly fees. Based on your requirements and number of users, your provider will let you know the cost, so you know where you stand. Outsourcing allows you to get everything you need, when and how you need it, without the hefty price tag of building your in-house capability, which should make you CFO much happier.

2.    Security compliant

Cyber-attacks, ransomware and computer viruses are occurring more frequently and are not just targeted at big business – everyone is a target. Changes are also happening in the security regulations and reporting space, and it can be difficult to stay across all of these.

End-user managed service providers have current industry expertise and stay up to date with changes to act quickly and protect your systems and data because they know attacks and downtime can be costly to business.

They ensure your software and firewalls are updated, that you meet IT security standards, and that your environment is safe and secure for your people and customers. When you outsource the systems, you can outsource the handling of your IT security, risk and compliance requirements to the experts in that area to make sure there are no nasty surprises.

3.    A competitive edge

If you’re looking to keep ahead of the competition, a managed service provider can help. A great IT provider is up to date and trained in the latest technology and will contact you when new products are available that will benefit your business. They will also ensure your systems and security are in order, so your uptime is maximised.

With less downtime, you have more time to focus on your core business operations, and the increased efficiency and effectiveness will also lead to an increase in productivity meaning your business will always be on top of its game and, therefore, a force to be reckoned with.

4.    Communications and reporting

Just because you have outsourced your end-user IT support services, doesn’t mean you will be left in the dark not knowing what’s going on and why. On the contrary, you’ll be provided with communications and regularly updated, and you’ll know about the processes and approvals that need to happen.

There will also be monthly reporting with support tickets, response times, and security matters to keep you in the loop. And with these reports, you are better placed to make more informed business decisions based on reliable data. Transparent processes, communications, and reporting are part of the package.

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5.    Qualified and ready to go

End-user managed service providers have the expertise and staff in-house, and they’re ready to support you straight away. Which is great if your business has no in-house IT capability, and you need the support quickly. They’re ready to go as soon as you are, and if you need more help, they can expand quickly to support you as they know what skills they need and can access them quickly.

Technology will continue to advance quickly as will cyber-attacks, security compliance, and software updates, so it’s important for these to be taken care of by experts in the field. This will in turn provide you with peace of mind (and less IT headaches).

The benefits outweigh any issues there may be with outsourcing your managed services including:

  • reducing unexpected costs keeping your CFO happy,
  • security compliance and risk management to keep you working safely and securely,
  • business support for you and your staff to keep you connected which leads to efficient processes and increased productivity, which in turn can mean an increase in your bottom line,
  • IT support can be scaled with your business

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