UNLOCKING RESOURCES WITH A MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDER (MSP) - Computer Security Incident Handling Guide (draft) :.

Part of ensuring that your business is reaching its full potential is by looking at how you have chosen to manage your services, in particular your IT operations. Traditionally, smaller businesses and even larger companies would most likely opt for an in-house IT team who would manage day-to-day IT operations using a break-fix method. 

This method focusses on maintaining systems at their current operating level and only calling in a maintenance expert to fix the problem when something breaks – which can often be very costly. While this method may seem like enough in theory, it is actually the equivalent of only ensuring your car is safe after you have had an accident.

You probably wouldn’t risk your life like that with your car, so why would you risk your business in the same way? But don’t worry because you do have another option – partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). 

An MSP is a team of experts who can take control of your standard IT operations and maintain your systems at all times and fix any issues. This allows you and your team to invest your resources elsewhere. This may seem straightforward enough, but let’s break it down so you can get a comprehensive overview of how MSP can help you. 


By outsourcing the management of your IT operations, you will definitely save both time AND money. How? Well, IT management is a complex and in-depth job, and if you have decided to go with the traditional ‘in-house’ model, you will most likely require more than just one IT employee to deal with new customers, scale up when demand increases, and constantly maintain your IT infrastructure requirements.

This then becomes a costly exercise as you will need to have the funds to pay not just one salary per month but many. Not only does this become quite expensive, but you are really only getting that metaphoric car scenario mentioned earlier. So, what happens when you have that “accident”? And on a Sunday or public holiday? You obviously can’t just sit back and do nothing, so you have to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to have it fixed promptly, but none of this would be necessary if you had an MSP. 

For one low price per user (usually around $59-$99 per month), a managed service provider, like Lindentech, will take care of all that and more! They will not only manage and maintain your IT operations, but they will also provide an expert to fix something should it break, so you’ll be getting 17 IT engineers for half the price of one. This not only saves you money but also gives you peace of mind that your IT is being taken care of in its entirety, 24/7. 


Obviously, as technology develops and solidifies its position as essential in the modern business world, it may still be necessary to retain an inhouse IT team for your business, and this is ok. But IT is a complex field, and as it becomes more of a dominant need for every business, your IT team should never feel overstressed because of the amount of work that constantly needs to be done. This is where outsourcing to an MSP can further help you and your employees.  

Of course, you want your business to succeed and grow, but with growth and demand, comes a need to promptly scale up your business’s infrastructure. The right MSP partnership will ensure that this is done seamlessly and promptly when necessary, without any hassle for you or your team, meaning resources you would normally have needed to pour into these activities are freed up to be used elsewhere. 


Customers are the bread and butter of our businesses, so keeping them happy is a big priority and, therefore, the focus of every successful business venture. Providing IT operations that function in the exact way the customer anticipates and expects is arguably a full-time job for even the best IT teams, and this can often be a primary source of dissatisfaction for customers, which could ultimately see them jump ship to your competitor. However, with an MSP, you will never have to worry about this as you will have a dedicated team of experts to guarantee that everything is functioning as it should, and your customers are kept happy. 


Whether you choose to completely outsource your IT operations to an MSP or prefer to engage in a more hybrid model by retaining an inhouse IT team and only partially outsourcing to an MSP, the benefits speak for themselves. With the right MSP, you will be able to free up resources – financial or otherwise – and pour them back into the areas of your business that really need them, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and securing the future of your business along the way, and Lindentech has the power to help you.

So, contact our team of experts today to discuss your options and see how we can help you with your business.  

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