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Lindentech increases client base by one hundred and two per cent

Lindentech increases client base by one hundred and two per cent - Mergers and acquisitions

Lindentech has increased its client base by one hundred and two per cent and expanded its service offering through its acquisition of Spinoff Digital.

Lindentech is pleased to announce their recent acquisition of Spinoff Digital, a web marketing company. The acquisition of the Perth based company has allowed Lindentech to expand its service offering and increase its client base.

Both Lindentech and Spinoff Digital have common goals of providing customer centric experiences that help clients achieve their goals using the latest technology. They both have experience with working and servicing clients from the real estate market.

The acquisition of Spinoff Digital is aligned with Lindentech’s mission to grow their capability and be a one-stop shop for Australian companies. This move has allowed Lindentech to enhance its capacity with new service offerings, which complement their current offerings.

Richard Thomson, Managing Director, Lindentech said ‘we are very excited to welcome our new clients to the Lindentech family. The acquisition of Spinoff Digital was a natural progression for us, as we host the majority of our clients’ websites and provide managed IT services to the real-estate industry. This development also presents great web marketing opportunities for our existing clients.’

For media questions please contact Leah Helean on marketing@lindentech.com.au

About Lindentech

Lindentech is a leading human-centric IT company delivering productivity with tailored technology for businesses. With over 25 years’ experience they provide inclusive, agile and innovative solutions so businesses are more efficient and can deliver greater results.


About Spinoff Digital

Spinoff Digital began as a web design and marketing company providing services to the real estate industry in Perth. Over the years they were known for developing websites, phone apps and web app software.


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