Careers at Lindentech

Graduate Program

With employment rates at its all-time highest Lindentech understands the struggles graduates have to enter the workforce. In light of this we have designed and implemented a graduate program. This program serves to provide employment opportunities for graduates with a high level of potential. Lindentech nurtures this potential and provides a great head start in their career.

Our graduate program offers potential candidates the following benefits and opportunities:

  • We proactively partner with universities in order to hunt for top performing graduates and offer them internships.
  • We allocate a budget for ongoing professional industry specific certifications for graduates in order to increase their skill set and integrate them into the working world seamlessly.
  • Training in all our systems is provided. This will give interns valuable knowledge across systems used in the industry.
  • We offer all interns a mentor to guide them and help them grow.
  • At Lindentech we offer interns a diverse and flexible environment to work in allowing them to specialize in an area which interests them the most.

Although there are no jobs available at present if you are a graduate looking to enter the working world in a place where you can thrive and grow your potential contact so we can put your details on file for future employment opportunities.