Managed Services

A complete IT department at your fingertips

Managed Services is our all-encompassing IT solution for your business. We make it so that you don’t have to do a thing… no updating of your software, no changing the ink in your printers, no upgrading your server security, nothing… we do it all for you. Better yet, we do it all for you without it ever distracting you from your work. We set up automatic scheduling where applicable, so that backups and updates can be made silently in the background. On-site or remotely, our engineers work on computers, devices and servers without disrupting the network or causing any loss in productivity.

We manage all of your third-party IT relationships

We create a single point of contact for your entire business’ IT. We make all of your systems communicate properly with each other, and our engineer becomes a one-stop consultant and representative who can take over all of your third-party IT relationships (such as with software providers, web developers, and computer/tech providers). You never have to worry about IT again.

Monthly on-site visits mean smooth sailing

Our managed clients all receive 2 one-hour on-site visits per month, so that our engineers can come out, diagnose and address any problems, and make sure everything is working as fast and smooth as it should be.

We like the personal touch, which allows our clients to really get to know our engineers, so that lines of communication are always flowing freely. From these monthly scheduled on-site visits, our engineers get to hear what small issues staff are facing with their IT that may be causing a downturn in productivity. Our engineers rectify any such problems, and help prevent them from occurring again in the future.

An on-site engineer is only ever one phone call away

Even outside of scheduled monthly visits, we never hesitate to send an engineer out on-site if the job necessitates it, or the client specifically requests it. Call-out jobs are carried out with the same swiftness and attention-to-detail that all of our remote work allows for, with the added benefit of having an engineer on the ground to liaise with in person.

A suite of domain services

We can take care of all of your domain needs, from registering new domain names, to hosting your domain, email and website. We can even provide your business with a secure, easy-to-use content management system. No more dealing with third party hosting, unhelpful domain registrars, or glitchy plugins. We will make sure your domain is a fully-functioning part of your business, delivering usable metrics that will help you develop your online profile and web profitability.

Managed Services means managed bills

With Managed Services you also get managed bills. That means no fluctuating costs. Our service, and the billing of it, becomes seamless and working in the background. You don’t even have to worry about that anymore.

Proactive Monitoring

This is a critical part of the IT support and service which allows us to proactively detect issues before they impact your business. A couple of examples are:

  • If a server is getting low on disk space it is a relatively easy job to free up space. If the problem is not detected and the server runs out of space it can be a major task to free up space while the server is failing.
  • We can monitor critical programs, that are important to the business, on the server such as a customer database should the program stop we get alerted and can restart it before you even notice.

Remote monitoring is now a fundamental part of any support solution. Lindentech use a range of solutions to keep an eye on your servers and PCs

  • Agents – software installed at your end that reports in to us
  • Probes – monitors at our end, that probe yours and alert us

We install predictive monitoring software on your PCs and servers and other core network devices to assist in providing proactive support. This award winning software keeps a constant vigil on a wide variety of metrics across your network and informs us the moment any custom defined level is breached. Upon receipt of notification, your IT team (Lindentech) will resolve the issue for you as soon as possible, often before you are even aware of it.

This is our most popular plan as it covers most of your needs and makes your business’s technology simple and predictable. It aligns your interests and ours – a fixed monthly price for all your support. It is in our interest to make sure nothing goes wrong.

The Fix plan includes monitoring, maintenance and remote support – on site work is additional. This plan costs less than the Complete plan initially but you bear some of the risk of unforseen costs if there is a major problem.

We provide core monitoring and patching of your servers – all support is additional. Some businesses prefer this option as it provides a way of getting to know how we work before committing to a fixed price plan.

Monitoring Servers only
Proactive Maintenance
Patch Reporting
Remote Support Servers only
Onsite Support
Planned Site Visits
Quarterly Account Management Meetings
Equipment Loan
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Procurement Advice
Strategic Advice
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