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Western Australian based IT company specialising in solutions for small and medium sized businesses onsite and in the cloud. Lindentech is a one-stop outsourced IT department, offering a full suite of remote and on-site services for small to medium-sized businesses. From emergency assistance, to Microsoft Office 365 migrations, to fully Managed Services, we offer everything your business needs.

Our international background has given us lots of experience in high level infrastructure, at the large business and corporate level. Much of these same technologies, software and principles can be applied to great effect in small/medium-sized businesses, and that is exactly what Lindentech do; we empower your business.

Priding ourselves on our expertise, speed and effectiveness, we approach every level of operation from a best-practise point of view. Each of our nine fully-qualified engineers was hand-picked not just for their skills and workmanship, but also their friendly nature and ability to communicate directly with clients. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

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Outstanding Customer Support

Someone always answers the phone (and it’s never a salesperson) – We love both parts of that statement. First of all, someone always answers the phone. You will never be put on hold and forced to listen to bad music. Secondly, the person who answers the phone is one of our engineers. That means the person you speak to is qualified to help you. You won’t be bounced around from one referral to the next… the engineer you speak to will be able to help you right away, or schedule an on-site visit. And we don’t have any salespeople on our team. At all.

An exceptional, hand-picked team – All of our nine engineers are friendly, helpful and full of great tips and tricks-of-the-trade to help your daily IT run like clockwork. Needless to say, our entire team is fully qualified. In addition to tertiary certifications and third-party certifications (such as Microsoft) all of our team members, right up to the top, are required to sit two in-house exams per year to test the depth of their knowledge and their awareness of new developments in IT. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is fast, thorough and mistake-free. Many of the most difficult IT problems to solve are ones our team face and overcome every day.

We love this stuff, and it shows – We love IT. We’re happy to admit we geek-out on IT even in our spare time, which is why we offer a higher level of service… we literally live and breathe this stuff, and our enthusiasm for sharing that with our clients is inextinguishable.

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Managed IT Support

A complete IT department at your fingertips

Managed Services is our all-encompassing IT solution for your business. We make it so that you don’t have to do a thing… not update your software, not change the ink in your printers, not upgrade your server security, nothing… we do it all for you. Better yet, we do it all for you without it ever distracting you from your work. We set up automatic scheduling where applicable, so that backups and updates can be made silently in the background. On-site or remotely, our engineers work on computers, devices and servers without disrupting the network or causing any loss in productivity.

We manage all of your third-party IT relationships

We create a single point of contact for your entire business’ IT. We make all of your systems communicate properly with each other, and our engineer becomes a one-stop consultant and representative who can take over all of your third-party IT relationships (such as with software providers, web developers, and computer/tech providers). You never have to worry about IT again.

Monthly on-site visits mean smooth sailing

Our managed clients all receive 2 one-hour on-site visits per month, so that our engineers can come out, diagnose and address any problems, and make sure everything is working as fast and smooth as it should be.

We like the personal touch, which allows our clients to really get to know our engineers, so that lines of communication are always flowing freely. From these monthly scheduled on-site visits, our engineers get to hear what small issues staff are facing with their IT that may be causing a downturn in productivity. Our engineers rectify any such problems, and help prevent them from occurring again in the future.

An on-site engineer is only ever one phone call away

Even outside of scheduled monthly visits, we never hesitate to send an engineer out on-site if the job necessitates it, or the client specifically requests it. Call-out jobs are carried out with the same swiftness and attention-to-detail that all of our remote work allows for, with the added benefit of having an engineer on the ground to liaise with in person.

A suite of domain services

We can take care of all of your domain needs, from registering new domain names, to hosting your domain, email and website. We can even provide your business with a secure, easy-to-use content management system. No more dealing with third party hosting, unhelpful domain registrars, or glitchy plugins. We will make sure your domain is a fully-functioning part of your business, delivering usable metrics that will help you develop your online profile and web profitability.

Managed Services means managed bills

With Managed Services you also get managed bills. That means no fluctuating costs. Our service, and the billing of it, becomes seamless and working in the background. You don’t even have to worry about that anymore.

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Small to Medium Business Specialists


We are the one-stop outsourced IT department

It doesn’t matter if you have an in-house IT person that just needs a hand, or if you need us to step in and take total control, we are the one-stop outsourced IT department. Whatever your business needs, we can tailor our services to provide the perfect solution.

We can help you to do it yourself

If you are just starting a business you are probably doing your own IT work, or have given the role to an untrained but trusted friend or family member. Our engineers can help train you to run your own system like an expert.

The best way to keep your IT skills up-to-date and your workload under control is to call in an expert when you need one. Our engineers are great at one-on-one assistance, and will patiently take the time to demonstrate and explain things so that you or your in-house IT person can acquire practical knowledge, develop a solid long-term strategy, and have the confidence to manage the many tasks at hand.

We can plan and budget your IT strategy, then help you set it up

We are big-picture thinkers, and experts at planning and strategy. We can come in, assess your business’ short-term and long-term IT needs, then set up a plan to follow (with a strategy in place to have you looking after your own IT). Our engineers are available to help at any point in time, be it to explain new technologies and hardware, or just to give you a hand keeping on top of maintenance. Whatever it takes to have you running your own IT like a pro, we deliver.

Or we can do it all for you

With our Managed Services, clients don’t need to think about IT ever again. We take care of absolutely everything, from software, servers and drivers, to printers, phones and scanners. Our Managed Services includes 2 one-hour on-site visits per month, which provide invaluable insights into how each business runs on a day-to-day basis, and what issues need addressing in both the long and short term.

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The world’s most popular business productivity software

With its powerful, industry-standard applications, cloud-based integration and online storage, Microsoft Office 365 is the world’s most popular business productivity software. We can get your business fully Office 365 integrated, allowing all of your applications to be up-to-date and ready to use at all times, whether work is being done from the office or remotely. This greatly increases productivity, particularly on collaborative projects where team members need to share resources.

A new system, or an upgrade for your current one

We can set your business up with Microsoft Office 365 from scratch, integrating it with all other aspects of your business IT, or we can migrate your entire current system over to a new software framework. If your business has its own IT department, we can even do a migration to Microsoft Office 365 without getting in their way. We will be able to liaise with your IT department and train them on the new software and system, so that they will be your own in-house Microsoft Office 365 experts.

We are Microsoft Gold Partners

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we are second-to-none when it comes to software like Windows and Microsoft Office 365. We are fully qualified to carry out any work on Microsoft products, and are upgrade and migration experts.

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