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Service Terms – Managed Services

Last updated: April 10, 2020

Service Desk – Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Urgency Use the below as a guide in determining the level of urgency of a ticket.

Low One user or a small group of users is affected
Medium Departments or large group of users are affected
High Whole company is affected

Impact Use the below as a guide in determining the impact of an incident.

Low More of an irritation than a stoppage
Medium Business is degraded, but there is a reasonable workaround
High Critical – Major business processes are stopped

Response Matrix

  High UrgencyMed. UrgencyLow Urgency
High Impact P1 – Critical P2 – High P2 – High
Medium Impact P2 – High P3 – Medium P4 – Medium
Low Impact P3 – Medium P4 – Low P4 – Low

SLA Priority – All times are in hours.

Critical Severity (P1) High Severity (P2) Medium Severity (P3) Low Severity (P4)
Response 30 (mins) 1 2 3
Plan 1 2 3 4
Resolve 4 8 12 18

Statuses- New – We have not responded, Assigned – We have responded, In Progress – We have created a plan, Scheduled – We are waiting (pauses SLA clock), On-Hold – We are waiting (pauses SLA clock), Closed – We have resolved the issue

What’s Excluded

In simple terms anything ‘New’ since the commencement of your Managed Services Agreement is not included. For example, installation and configuration of new computers or servers, or configuration of new or upgraded software. Also, services after hours are also not covered in the standard fee. We define any such additional work as Project Work and we will issue an estimate or quote for your approval prior to undertaking any such tasks (with the exception of afterhours emergency support).

Examples of Project Work include:

  1. Installation and Upgrades to the following Software (where licensed) and hardware:
    • Backup services.
  2. Microsoft Windows Server and PC Operating Systems etc.
    • Updates to existing Software.
    • Installation of VOIP and VOIP related services.
  3. Correction of certain Non-Relevant Faults (eg Faults caused by repeated use of personal software or accessing of inappropriate websites).

Project Work Charges – Additional Services will be provided at the normal ad-hoc rates

After Hours Work – Maintenance Services required to be performed outside of Business Hours will be provided at the out of hours rates. 

Faults caused by Force Majeure – damage or faults caused by fire, flood, theft, etc.

Any of the excluded items will be charged at the adhoc rates.

We may not be able to provide IT support services for the following:

  • Faults in non-computer devices such as telephone systems and photocopiers.  (Where we are correcting a Fault in a multifunction Equipment device which includes a printer and photocopier in the one unit, we will correct Software Faults in the Equipment as part of the Maintenance Services.)
  • Faults in any software which is not currently licensed correctly with the manufacturer and for which support is not available from the manufacturer.
  • Training on use of third party software.  (We will correct Faults or perform re-installations or new installations under instructions from the vendor for Software listed in the attached Schedule.)
  • Replacement of any consumable items or equipment parts.

Mutual Obligations

During the term of the Managed Services Agreement, both Lindentech and the Client agree to:

  1. Keep the other party’s Confidential Information confidential and must not disclose it to any other person or use it for any purpose other than procuring and providing the Services, without the other party’s prior written consent.
  2. Not to offer to employ or employ the staff or sub-contractors of the other. In the event that one party breaches this agreement it is further agreed that the party in breach will reimburse the other party the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000) being the reasonable costs to recruit and re-train a replacement candidate.

Lindentech Obligations

Lindentech warrants that:

  1. It will carry out its obligations under these Service Terms diligently and with all due care and skill;
  2. It has and will maintain sufficient knowledge and experience to perform the Services in accordance with these Service Terms;
  3. It will ensure that staff employed or engaged by Lindentech to carry out its obligations under these Service Terms are properly trained and competent;
  4. It will use equipment and materials necessary in order to perform the Services to the standards of a competent IT support provider.

Client Obligations

The Client warrants that it will pay the Maintenance Services and Project Work services in accordance with Lindentech’s standard commercial terms.

The client acknowledges that Lindentech may suspend or Terminate the Managed Services at any time should the Client be in breach of Lindentech’s standard commercial terms and the client has failed to rectify that breach within 10 days of written notice by Lindentech.

Non-Disclosure Statement

Information contained in this document is provided under an exclusive, perpetual non-disclosure agreement and cannot be copied, transmitted, excerpted, or otherwise communicated to anyone without the prior written consent of Linden Technology Group Pty Ltd.

This package contains proprietary and trade secret information. All data furnished in connection with this package is intended for use in evaluating potential business opportunities with Linden Technology Group Pty Ltd and is considered proprietary information.

Intended recipients of this document shall have the right to duplicate, use, or disclose the data contained herein to the extent necessary to perform their duties in the interest of formulating a business relationship with Linden Technology Group Pty Ltd, but may not use this information as the basis to obtain competitive quotes from other vendor.

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