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Lindentech’s Managed IT Services for Western Australian Businesses

We’re a proud owned and operated Western Australian IT business. We’d like to meet with you to discuss your IT needs and share the love with a gift from Voyager Estate, in Margaret River.

At Lindentech, we provide local, comprehensive IT support and services tailored to your business.

Our managed IT services proactively address issues before they disrupt your operations, unlike the reactive ‘break-fix’ model, which leads to downtime and high costs.

Additionally, our comprehensive IT security checks assess critical areas like email, laptops, desktops, and Microsoft 365 applications to identify vulnerabilities and enhance system security for all Western Australian businesses – large or small. 

We’re dedicated to reducing your annual IT spending and increasing your cybersecurity resiliency in one, which is why we offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs.

We are always passionate about supporting local WA businesses, so as a token of our appreciation, we would be delighted to gift you a bottle of wine from one of our partners at or after our meeting. Book your meeting with us today to discuss your IT requirements!

Disclaimer: Lindentech reserves the right to disqualify or revoke the offer for anyone who is deemed unsuitable or competitive. Complimentary gift will be arranged once a successful meeting has taken place.

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