Why Apple wants your old iPhone


Apple has divulged its future for all its products and it is amazing. It’s 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report details its plans to manufacture all its products with 100% renewable or recyclable materials.

Apple wants to form a ‘closed loop supply chain’ for aluminum, copper, tin and tungsten with hopes to stop mining the earth altogether.

Since 2016 Apple has been using its recycling robot to extract recyclable materials from iPhones. In addition to this Apple’s new headquarters uses 100% renewable energy for solar, hydro and wind sources. Apple also claims 99% of its packaging comes from materials sourced from protected sustainable forests.

This is a win for the environment!

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/mobile-phones/apple-pledges-to-end-mining-and-use-100-per-cent-recycled-materials-for-its-own-products/news-story/89bc23c853e0eb26103cee0315a3ee7a