VOIP Services

Grow Your Business

The mobility solution ensures that all calls to an employee’s business number ring on their mobile device. This allows employees to stay seamlessly in touch with prospects, customers, and partners to answer questions and close deals as they happen. Employees can make more sales calls due to the integrated corporate directory so it’s always a good time reach out to a customer or prospect.

Maintain a Professional Business Image

We’ve ensured that employees can use one number for all incoming and outgoing calls with our mobile apps. This makes it simple for customers and prospects to reach employees, only one number to remember. Also, when employees make calls their business caller ID is displayed ensuring that they present a professional image. Business owners can rest easy knowing that if an employee leaves the company, their business number stays with the company. Customers calling will still reach the company and not contact the former employee.

Communicate More Effectively

With corporate directory integration it’s easy to stay in touch with colleagues and customers. Employees can access call history to ensure every call is returned and access voice mail messages with the simple push of a button. With video calling, communication is that much more efficient and interactive.

Save on Long Distance Costs

All business calls from your mobile device can be routed over the corporate phone network (instead of the mobile network) saving costs on long distance and international calling.
Streamline Your Business

Finally, the mobility solution supports BYOD initiatives by allowing employees to securely use personal mobile phones for business increasing employee satisfaction particularly among millennials.


Lindentech offers a simplified client portal that is highly resilient, and depending on the size of your current system, can be quick to deploy. A cloud based system requires no capital investment, yet enhances communications and staff productivity. Features include:

  • Access your corporate/personal directory to easily reach colleagues, customers, and prospects
  • Make and receive HD audio and video calls on you mobile device using your business phone number
  • See and listen to your voice messages with the push of a button
  • With answer confirmation, all voice messages are stored in your corporate voice mailbox and not the cell phone voicemail.
  • Easily move calls back and forth between a mobile device and your deskphone or computer to ensure you’re on the right device for a particular communication
  • Never miss returning an important call with access to call logs
  • Access powerful call control features from your mobile device including, mute, hold, transfer, conference, call park and call retrieve
  • Manage your phone service with access to call settings
  • Supported across all network types – WiFi, 3G, LTE, Cellular
  • VoIP and circuit switched calling
  • Save long distance and international calling costs by ensuring outgoing calls are routed on your company network and not on the mobile network




Until technology becomes seamlessly wireless, cabling is an essential part of the office. When cabling is not done right, it causes various different issues like slow network, interference from other systems, insufficient cabling, ports not labelled correctly, and a host of other issues. We realise the importance of adequate cabling in an office so if you need cabling in your office, ask one of our engineers about what is needed and how much it will cost. The contractors we employ are very cost effective and exceed expectations every time.