Why Office365 Disaster Recovery Is Important 

Why Office365 Disaster Recovery Is Important 

Data has fast become one of the most important commodities that a company has, and ensuring that it is safe is a big priority for many companies. Twenty years ago standard practice was to back up data on a hard drive and take it home! Today, backup has evolved to include rapid recovery of not just your company’s data but the applications you use to conduct business operations as well.

Could your company function normally if it suddenly lost all its data?

Most business owners would say “NO”. So, apart from the obvious fact that your company would have lost years of documentation and hard work there are many other reasons why it is always a good idea to have a data disaster recovery plan.

Why Is It Necessary to Backup Office 365?
Has it ever occurred to you how Microsoft ensures the security of your Office 365 data? Microsoft has its own security measures and settings to protect the mailbox data. Users often wonder, “Is it necessary to back up my Office 365 account?”

Yes it is. You never know what force is coming to destroy your data’s integrity. Ransomeware, cyber-attacks, advanced viruses, or just some insider threats (who knows if someone you trust is secretly planning to jeopardise your data). The instances are numerous.

It is important to realise that a backup never goes out of trend. When ever there is data loss, you have the superpower to RESTORE everything! An “Offsite backup” must never be underestimated!

Off-site backup is a method of backing up data to a remote server. The two most common forms of off-site backup are cloud backup and tape backup. Cloud backup, or online backup, is where a copy of the data is sent over a network to an off-site server. A third-party cloud service provider typically hosts that server.

When you start collating data, the necessity of Office 365 backups become apparent. Moreover, be it the offsite backup or cloud backup, both have their own significance, but offsite backup is still the best. Although Microsoft’s data security policies work to a certain extent, hacking attacks are still invincible with the unpredictability they carry. Better to have a master plan already with backups!

Why Disaster Recovery Is Necessary
The most daunting threats to cloud data security that makes Office 365 backups necessary are generally the cyber attacks, malicious activities, hacking attempts, malware, ransomware, and the inside attacks. Moreover, it can be very useful when the Office 365 subscription expires, and the user wants to access the data after that.

Let’s get into these reasons one by one.
1. Unauthorised Access
By the time we realise somebody has unapproved access to our data, the consequences are not very likable. A new hacking technique, “Brute Force login attack,” was actively used by a huge amount of sophisticated cyber crooks to access high-level information.

2. Manual Errors
As much as the collaborative features of Office 365 make it convenient for many users, it becomes equally prone to human errors, resulting in catastrophic data loss. Even a minor error could cause a blunder in the crucial databases, making it near to impossible for Microsoft to recover that information.

3. Human Mistakes
Human error is the prime cause of major data loss incidents. Office 365 is an employer-friendly platform that assigns access to a single document for multiple users, which in turn enables the users to edit the same document or check real-time assignment updates, on any device. Unfortunately, the collaborative environment promoted by Office 365 makes it vulnerable to accidental data deletion. And many a time Office 365 fails to protect organizations from data loss.

4. Short Retention & Data Restoration
Office 365 employs methods to secure deleted files, emails, or entire mailboxes, but the data may only be retained temporarily depending on the policies applied to the data, and so the remaining data may not be easily retrievable. Data is not always recoverable after the expiry of the retention period, which rightfully impacts the belief of many organisations that providers can restore the lost data at ease.

How About A Backup Plan That Protects Your Data with Minimal Efforts?
Data loss can happen for many reasons, but in IT you know that human error, cyber attacks, and keeping up with new compliance measures can cost you valuable time and resources. Protect your company data efficiently and offload day-to-day processes management with Backupify. Here are some of the features included:

  • Automatic backups 3x a day that capture point-in-time snapshots of each users’ Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Calendar and Contacts
  • New user detection and automatic archiving of departing employees for seamless user lifecycle management and dramatic licensing cost savings
  • Intelligent retry logic means Backupify can efficiently maneuver Microsoft API throttling to protect TBs of data fast
  • Setup takes only 5 minutes
  • Fast and granular restore function to recover lost files and folders directly to a user’s account or download them directly to your computer or device
  • Unlimited storage option means that your data will be protected as you grow no matter how much data your users generate
  • Robust search parameters across all users to zero in on emails, contacts, files, and entire folders that you need.

Your data deserves more than industry standard security. Go above and beyond industry standards to make sure your Office 365 data is secure, easily recoverable, and protected. Give us a call today to get started! 08 9367 7100

  • May 5, 2020