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Why Cloud Based Phone Systems are Great for Small Businesses

Why Cloud Based Phone Systems are Great for Small Businesses

Many businesses around the world are switching to cloud services for their computer equipment, data servers and software applications; and cloud based phone system are no different. Also known as VoIP, virtual phone systems and hosted phone systems, there are many reasons why your SMB needs to consider the switch too.

To know more about them, let’s take a closer look how a cloud based phone system can benefit your SMB.


Straight forward and Scalable

Cloud based phone services are ideal for small businesses that have limited time and IT resources in-house. Deployment of cloud based phone systems is easy and you can spread your entire phone system out to multiple offices and locations. With the entire brains of the hosted phone system living in the cloud; all programming, maintenance and updates can be managed by your IT provider remotely. The scalability of the service means small businesses can easily accommodate for growth. Additional handsets or lines can be added at any point without the need for an onsite visit, meaning less disruptions to your busy workplace.



One of the biggest advantages of cloud based phone system for employees who work remotely or in multiple locations, is that it allows them to bring their business phone line with them anywhere they go. Quickly connect from anywhere with an internet connection, by simply plugging in your pre-programmed handset. An app can be used to receive and make calls from the employee’s business line while using their mobile phone on the go. Of course, this can dramatically reduce your company’s mobile phone call costs. You have the option of using smartphones, desktop PCs or IP handsets as your preferred device. The flexible nature of cloud based phone systems means employees can continue with business as usual, wherever they go.



The many features available with cloud based phone systems mean your SMB can continue to work with confidence and that your staff and clients stay connected using modern technology. Virtual receptionists, call waiting, call transfers, on-hold music, day and night recorded greetings, voicemail to email, and call recording are among the many features available. These call features will ultimately improve the caller experience and increase your SMB’s productivity.


Cost Savings

Foregoing the need for upfront hardware and software, cloud based phone systems have less upfront costs than regular phone systems; saving your business valuable money. Some small businesses even opt to deploy a ‘phoneless’ option using their existing mobile devices, saving considerable hardware start-up costs. Cost savings can also be seen in the ongoing maintenance of the service given it can be done remotely.

Cloud based phone systems let you make phone calls over your internet connection for a fraction of the cost of regular phone services. Charges are per user, negating unexpected phone bills, with the option for plans to include unlimited local, international and mobile calls. Instead of having an on-premise business phone system, calls are directed to a remote server maintained by your provider which then connects calls to the public network. Given the virtual nature of the service you have flexibility in using any number from any state or territory within Australia (including your existing number), regardless of area code. This means your clients are charged a local call rate, regardless of where they call from. The best part – ‘internal’ calls to colleagues (regardless of their physical location) are free.


Cloud based phone systems offer high call quality, easy deployment and ongoing maintenance, cost savings, and a great deal of flexibility and scalability for your ever-changing SMB. If you would like to consider a cloud based phone system for your SMB, please get in touch with one of our friendly team for a no obligation quote.

  • August 24, 2020