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Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint – Increasing your productivity

Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint – Increasing your productivity

Every organisation wants maximum productivity from its employees and we all want a medium which can easily connect us on a single platformthis is what Microsoft 365 gives us with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams – cloud based software created to save time and reduce repetitive everyday tasks, promote communication and collaboration. It is not only for employees, but teachers and students can also take full advantage of Teams to increase productivity in the classroom.  Similarly, SharePoint also brings many advantages and provides a comfortable platform for employees to increase their productivity. 

Here we explain the ways Microsoft Teams and SharePoint will increase your productivity: 


ORGANISE MEETINGS… Anytime, Anywhere 

You can send a Teams meeting invitation to anyone – all they need is an email address. Through Microsoft Teams, you can share your screen with the participants and the meeting can easily be recorded and saved to Microsoft Stream, so you can share it with those who missed it; up to 250 can conference at the same time. 


Share and discover Files easily

Files can be uploaded and saved to SharePoint. Everyone in the team  has easy access to the files and can edit them if they have permissions. This way, you can ensure that everyone is reading or using the same document. 

With inbuilt sharing functionality, users can share files easily with one another and their clients with a few clicks of the mouse. 

SharePoint brings your data into one centralised location, so staff can quickly find the information they need. SharePoint’s search engine provides advanced search capabilities which allows users to find content more easily than traditional file servers, as well as leverage tags and metadata to filter relevant content. 



SharePoint allows employees to access information on any device. When  you have files saved in SharePoint they are not saved on your local computer. Instead, they are kept in Microsoft’s cloud. You never have to worry about your computer not loading properly or getting stolen and losing all your files. Using SharePoint also means you can access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection; including on your phone or tablet – whether it’s a device in the office or they are overseas and need to access information on a friends computer it is possible…. and its fast! 


Chat when you’re available – No more interruptions 

While working you can also chat with everyone who is on that channel. You can also form a group and chat with multiple people at once. The best thing is less interruptions as you only respond when your’re free to do so. 

This is particularly important for organisations that are not geographically connected. Some staff work in different branches and might only talk at a monthly meeting, SharePoint provides staff with the ability to connect with each other via a portal. SharePoint brings those people together so everyone can work together, all the time. Collaboration fosters innovation and motivation, helping to build a great company culture. 



SharePoint collaboration with Microsoft Teams allows the users to share files and documents on a single channel which can be accessible to all. Apart from that, your team members can work on the same document even at the same time without any hindrance. SharePoint saves every version of the file so if you want you can also view and access the unedited version too. This activity promotes collaboration as well as communication, which is the key to maximum productivity. 

All in all, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint is the future of working and together they make a very useful tool which promotes communication, collaboration and ultimately increases the overall productivity. 


To make moving to SharePoint more successful there are some important things to consider: 

Start the process off with a SharePoint consultant or someone that has the capability to do the business analysis with you. Here at Lindentech we have team members who are dedicated to starting your Sharepoint journey the right way. They will guide you in a way so that you leverage the best results from the platform and once implemented, will provide staff with training so they can manage it on an ongoing basis. 

To ensure SharePoint is successful you must: 

 Take this opportunity to consolidate and archive your existing data. You will want to only migrate data that is current and relevant 

 Find someone in the organisation that will be power user for SharePoint & Teams who will aid user adoption 

 Be prepared to change the way you access your data from traditional file access 


Are you interested in learning how SharePoint can increase office productivity and improve communication and  collaboration?

Let’s organise a time to meet and discuss how SharePoint & Teams can benefit you.


  • May 8, 2020