Is your password 100% secure?

Is your password 100% secure?

Tips and Tricks everyone should know

People underestimate the need for a unique and strong password, often inventing one that is easy to remember.

Any expert in cyber security will always insist you create a strong password. However, people fail to do this as most of them are not aware of the tricks to build  unique password. 

Following are the reasons why a strong and unique password is important and ways to create a one. 

Threat of being Hacked

The first and foremost reason to create a strong and unique password is that every day malicious hackers post a list of passwords and usernames online. They also post email addresses of people through which a user can easily be identified. This will lead them to hack your work accounts as well as personal accounts.

Brute Force attacks

This is also a technique used by hackers in order to forcefully get the password right. They run programs that will try millions of different combinations until they get one right. A strong password can save you as a brute force attack only works on those accounts which have easy, common passwords. 

Longer is better!

We often create passwords that are easy and short, but every extra letter or digit that you add in your password will add to its difficultly to hack. Aim for at Least 10 letters, special characters and numbers. 

Things to Avoid:

  • Common dictionary words – for example use L@st instead of Last
  • Don’t use personal information
  • “Password123” or P@ssword1234 – we see this used alot!
  • Common phrases – catintheHat, Iloveyou, greeneggsandham
  • Only letters or only numbers
  • DO NOT write your passwords down
  • If your company has a security breech change your password – some hackers are paid to make passwords public when they crack them


Ideas for Passwords (that you can remember)

It is hard to keep thinking of new passwords when your passwords expire. If you use phrases rather than passwords, it will make them easier to remember.

For example:

  • “Pass Go and collect $200”– p@$$GOandCLCt$200
  • “Humpty Dumpty is fat” — humTdumpti$phat
  • “I paid $100 a wk rent in 1990 – Ipd$100awkrentIn1990


Best practices to Secure your network

Implement LASTPASS

Implementing password management software helps small and large businesses keep their information secure. No matter how many employees you have protecting the passwords that operate your business and your private life is essential.

A password manager helps you generate strong passwords as well as remembering each one for you.

We all have numerous websites we use and the trouble starts when  you have to  remember every single password, (and where you wrote them down) and not duplicate one or resorting to using an easy-to-read pattern. 

Password managers like Lastpass make life easier – as long as you can create a very strong master password in the beginning (refer to tips above). The good news is that you only need to remember ONE!

Two factor or Multifactor Authentification 

Passwords are the weakest security entry point in online accounts.If someone accesses your credentials then your content and your vital information are at risk –   using  only a password is not enough.

The answer? Two factor authentication, the first authentication is the password and the second authentication is a one-time pin sent to your  phone. This pin must be entered in addition to the password to access the site. 

Chances are you are already using this for banking, social media and government accounts but many people don’t think to use it to protect their emails….which makes you and your employees extremely vulnerable.


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  • May 13, 2020