Must have tools to increase your teams productivity

Must have tools to increase your teams productivity

The right tools help us do our job better – no matter what industry. In this article we will give you 10 IT productivity tools that will help your business save time and  money.

Last Pass

We all have passwords, dozens of them: a password for your PC, your phone, travel sites, social media and the list goes on. You end up using the same password, but with different combinations and then you find yourself recovering passwords because you forgot which one you used. At last there is a (great) solution. LastPass is revolutionary, it serves the purpose for work as well as personal. It has the ability to store passwords securely for enterprises and you’re able to link your personal email address to it so you can save your passwords with a single login. You can also disconnect your personal passwords if you leave the organisation you work for. LastPass stores the site name, address, the username and password, so when you click on the site you want to log in to, it goes to the site, pre-fills in the username and password and clicks the login button for you! What more could you ask for?

It saves the password so securely, that they can’t even retrieve the passwords! However, there is one sticking point, ensure that you make your master password extremely complex and secure, after all it is the password that keeps everything else secure.

From an organisation’s point of view, security gets granular, you can set permissions so that only certain groups can access sites that are relevant to them – without the ability to see the password. I guarantee, once this is implemented in your work place, it will save your team time.

Cisco Webex

Currently, there is an unprecedented increase in remote work happening around the world due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19. If you’re being asked to work remotely – Webex will keep your team connected on any device, enabling you to keep work moving from anywhere.

Video conferencing is as simple and seamless as meeting in person. With the Webex mobile app, you can meet absolutely anywhere. Hosting is easy and joining is easier—simply click on a link to join. You can even learn about the people you’re meeting for the first time, with instant access to participants’ background and company.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to share your screen so everyone can view your document, spreadsheet, or application. Hosts can record the meeting so others can get up to speed later. Free trial 


Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. your teams can achieve more together when all their chats, meetings, files and apps live in a single workspace.

Direct messages allow users to send private messages to a specific user or groups of people. You can also talk to colleges using VoIP or utilise the Video conferencing feature to talk face to face.


OneNote was first released 13 years ago! Back then, electronic note taking wasn’t on people’s agenda, paper was still preferred. OneNote now is very widely used in many enterprises and has great productivity benefits for any individual. It’s simple to use yet very feature rich.

Organise your life with OneNote, you’ll never forget anything again.


PDF Xchange

We are always asked what’s the best alternative to Adobe acrobat to make simple changes to a PDF document. Adobe charge a fortune for their software and it is fairly sophisticated to use when you’re in a rush. PDFXchange has a free version that has most basic functions you need to use. It has several functions like, adding text, drawing, highlighting, adding, watermarking and removing/adding pages available for free.

If you do need premium features, you can spend a mere $30 and keep it for life.

Second Monitor

The human brain is terrible at multi tasking. We try and multitask as much as possible however chances are, you’re not doing yourself (or your boss) any favours by multitasking your way through the day. Research shows that we’re not nearly as efficient as we like to believe.

For certain jobs a second monitor is extremely handy especially when looking and comparing two spreadsheets. There are several situations where you find yourself switching between two windows to copy and paste between or just have it open for your peripheral vision to pick up any changes. Of course, this also presents a problem of losing concentration while doing something important on one of the screens. If you find yourself doing this, turn off the other screen.

We do find that having 2 screens definitely helps productivity.


This isn’t a direct productivity tool, but it will act as a means to get your productivity better than it currently is… let me explain.

Who better to ask than your own team how you can help their productivity! If you’re a business owner, you don’t necessarily know what’s happening at the bottom level of your work place. Your staff have tonnes of ideas, but may not voice their opinion because they are too scared of being shot down. OfficeVibe is an independent online tool that measures employee happiness and more importantly has the ability to collect anonymous feedback on how to improve the workplace. I use it myself for our team and swear by it. I have tested various other tools, but this one is simply the best. They really focus on the core issues of working environments and help you make informed decisions on making improvements.

Sign up for a 30 day trial at here

I promise it will be one of the best decisions you’ve made.


WhatsApp has now overtaken most other instant chat apps. There are many options available but in terms of speed, features, flexibility and reliability, there is nothing better. It is debatable whether it should be used in workplaces, but it is how you use it that will make a difference. At Lindentech we have a group which has most of our team in it. We use if for multiple things, general chit chat, sending funny stuff and most importantly to bring the team together. It helps for getting quick answers when you’re on the move and allows the team to communicate if they’re not near a PC and when email commutation is too slow.

Snipping Tool

A lot of people don’t realise that this has been in windows since Windows Vista! It is an excellent tool for sending screenshots to people. It is fast, reliable and after about 8 years of use, it has never crashed on me. It has a save option as well as an email option which links straight to outlook and opens a new email.

Receipt bank

We all have expenses! We generally spend on the credit card grab the receipt (or lose it), take it back to the office and give it to our accounts team. Then accounts scan, email, input the information then attach it to the transaction for the tax man. Sounds like a incredible waste of time for multiple people! Receipt bank helps you avoid about 5 of the above steps. You can just take a photo of your receipt and send it directly to your accounting system.


  • April 21, 2020