Up to 40% off workstations and notebooks!

We have some amazing deals for the rest of May on many brands…Call Leah on 9367 7100 for a quote. Here’s a few exceptional offers to tempt you!

DELL LATITUDE Notebook 5580 i5-7300U, 15.6″ FHD, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 1YOS $1299 + GST

DELL LATITUDE Notebook 5290 i5-8250U, 12.5″ HD, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 1YOS $1399 + GST

DELL OPTIPLEX 7050 SFF Desktop, i5-7500, 8GB, 256GB SSD, 3YOS $1099+GST


Smart Door bells can keep your home safer

You might have seen an article recently about  a man that allegedly tried to break into a home in Sydney but was scared off thanks to the help of a Smart door bell . Article 

The wife’s husband (who was not home at the time) was able to talk to the intruder through the smart door bell, and the man left.

It prompt me to have a look and see what are the top Smart door bells recommended by Safewise in 2018. Here’s the link 



NSW’s crackdown on mobile phones in cars

NSW will be the first place in the world to use technology to detect texting drivers with red-light-style cameras.

The reforms extend powers to authorities for roadside oral testing of cocaine, increase penalties for driving under the influence and introduce red-light-style cameras capable of detecting mobile phones used by drivers.

Roads Minister Melinda Pavey said NSW was the first state in Australia to introduce the legislation which will come into effect from July 1 this year after being passed in parliament on Wednesday.


A new Phishing email doing the rounds

Wow! These Phishing emails are getting VERY believable!

A few of our clients have been receiving this email impersonating Microsoft. It looks legit when you open it, and even when you click the “re-authenticate now” link, the page you are re-directed to looks very authentic, EXCEPT if you have a look in the address bar you actually have been re-directed to a site that is not Microsoft. Also note that you are advised that the web page is “Not secure”. (Refer image below)

Another warning sign is that there are ‘full-stops’ in the middle of the words Micros.oft and Re.ad in the original email.

If you see one of these emails delete it immediately and advise other people in your organisation to do the same thing. If you are still unsure about any attachments or emails, please forward them to Support@lindentech.com.au so we can scan them before you open them.




Up to 40% off workstations and notebooks!

To encourage all our customers to upgrade to Windows 10 we are offering up to 40% off Laptops and workstations for a very limited time. Contact Leah on 1300 85 77 45 for more details.

Examples of offers that wont last:

*Dell Latitude 5580 i5-7300U, 15.6″ monitor, 8GB, 256GB SSD, NO ODD, W10P, 3 Year on-site warranty $ 1445 ex GST   (rrp $2713 ex)

*DELL OPTIPLEX 7050 Micro Form Factor, i5-7500T, 8GB, 256GB SSD, WL-ACN, W10P, 3 Year on site warranty $999 + GST (rrp $1977 + GST)
*labour and configuration not included

iOS 11.3 update breaks iPhone 8 devices with third party-repaired screens

If you happened to crack your screen on your new iphone 8 and had someone other than Apple repair it, you could be in  a spot of bother.

According to a Motherboard article users who have had a screen repair performed by a third party, rather than with Apple, on their iPhone 8 smartphones found that the iOS 11.3 update stopped the touchscreen from working.

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Should You Buy a Tablet or a Laptop?

I get asked this question quite a lot.

I personally use a Microsoft Surface which I LOVE, but most of our technicians in the office are obsessed with the Lenovo YOGA (it gives you the best of both worlds) and they can’t recommend it enough.

This article by lifewire gives you an unbiased comparison of both so you can make up your own mind.


Tame Your Desk With The Udoq 400

If your home or office is anything like mine, there are a stack of different portable devices that need to be charged at any one time. In my household, there are three smartphones, two iPads, and two fitness trackers. That can make for a veritable bird’s nest of power cables and charging adapters. That’s where the Udoq 400 comes in. It’s a base station that can charge up to five different USB devices at one time, in an attractive stand.

The unit can accomodate Lightning, USB-C, micro-USB and Apple’s old 30-pin connector for older iPhones, iPads and iPods. However, you can swap those cables out and replace them with others.

All the cables thread to the back of the unit and plug into a 5-port charging brick. Everything is hidden in a black box with just a single power cable poking out. So, instead of needing a separate power brick for each device, one cable can charge them all.


Has dopamine got us hooked on tech?

Silicon Valley is keen to exploit the brain chemical credited with keeping us tapping on apps and social media.

Sean Parker, the 38-year-old founding president of Facebook, recently admitted that the social network was founded not to unite us, but to distract us. “The thought process was: ‘How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?’”

To achieve this goal, Facebook’s architects exploited a “vulnerability in human psychology”, explained Parker, who resigned from the company in 2005. Whenever someone likes or comments on a post or photograph, he said, “we… give you a little dopamine hit”. Facebook is an empire of empires, then, built upon a molecule.

To read more of this interesting article by The Observer click here



Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, price, news and features

It’s finally here: the latest and, perhaps, greatest from Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has been officially launched and to celebrate, we’ve uploaded an article which gives you a comprehensive guide of all you need to know about the brand new flagship phone.