Security Services

Network & Security

Our Networking and Security Services are delivered to protect your organisation and ensure the continuous productivity of your business. That’s why we focus on delivering a good user experience, with enterprise-level security in mind.

With our Managed Networking Service, we ensure your business benefits from simple and secure private network connectivity between all of your locations. This ensures your offices and other clouds are all seamlessly connected and secure.

Our in-depth security offering is your first line of defense against threats on the internet. We enable you to control the access to applications across all devices while ensuring your data is protected in any network.

Lindentech’s Managed Security Service covers complete protection from viruses, breaches and identity theft. You won’t experience any slowdowns as it works automatically in the background.

Enterprise Security

We deliver enterprise grade security at a small business price. Our range of security products offer greater level of protection for your users.

Instant Protection

Once deployed, our systems will protect new users in an instant. Leaving your network safe and secure from any foreign threats.

End to End Security

Our security products are designed and implemented end to end - from hardware to applications; ensuring the highest level of protection right the way through.

Unified Protection

Security is air-tight no matter what device your users are on - iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC; users receive the same level of protection throughout the network.

Cisco Threat Intelligence

Our threat management systems are backed by the world's best security systems provided by Talos and Cisco teams, that staff more than 300 employees.

Single Price

All your security for your network, users, applications, and devices will have a single, unified per user price to ensure easy hassle-free billing

Real-time Protection

Our user security protection offers real-time scanning for malware, phishing, ransomware, and any links they click on on the web.