Captivate OnHold

Innovation Calling

In 2010 Captivate On Hold set about answering the growing demand for a non-repetitive, managed on hold service for advanced hosted voice platforms, like Lindentech Voice, to add to their extensive list of dynamic music/message on hold (MoH) solutions for existing telephony technologies.

When it comes to MoH, hosted voice platforms “out of the box” have two major shortcomings. Callers hear the MoH from the start every time you place them on hold, even in the same call, just like this video, and the limited file size that can be uploaded, typically giving only 4-5 minutes of on hold.

The unique software only solution provided for Lindentech Voice by Captivate delivers MoH as a loop back into your platform. Callers placed on hold will hear your important promotions from a different point each time they are placed on hold. Additionally there is no practical limit to the duration or number of messages, making it ideal for large call volumes and avid Marketers.

Content is King!

Like all of Captivate’s other offerings you can choose to add short content items like “On This Day in History“, News and Sports headlines, capital city weather, to name just a few, and your selections will update daily and play in between your branded audio promotions. It’s a simple way to keep your on hold fresh, interesting and engaging with no effort.

So… you don’t use on hold?

Recently we have been surprised by the number of businesses that claim they don’t place callers on hold.

A customer of ours was looking to reduce their package claiming that no one heard the messages as they did not place callers on hold. For this particular client we were able to produce a report that showed-

  • In twenty four months 55,400 calls were placed on hold for 10 seconds or more,
  • 59 handsets used the on hold service,  that’s around 2 calls per handset placed on hold per day.
  • The average time on hold was 35.9 seconds – much shorter than the 60.5 second average we usually see..Great!
  • This equalled 552 hours of delivered messages, roughly one hour per day.

On the strength of these numbers the client instead upgraded their package with more message changes more often. Something else that became evident once they focussed more on the volume of calls was that the majority were from existing customers seeking progress updates.

Armed with this information, the client’s marketing and communications team and Captivate underwent a complete re-write and upload of their messages, changing the focus from “selling more” to “comfort” messaging that reassured callers that their decision to purchase from our customer was the right one.

Is there anything more annoying than not being able to find out about your purchase, and hearing the business you’ve bought from trying to sell more!

Enough to make some folk angry…

One site, or many, it’s easy…

A common challenge we answer regularly comes from marketing managers frustrated by some individual locations inability to update their onhold inline with current promotions. Possibly they just forget, maybe the one person that knew how to do it has left.  There are lots of reasons it does not happen…Just last week I returned a call to a potential client only to hear an AFL grand final tipping competition being advertised.


To sum up…

On Hold Messaging is probably  the most cost effective marketing opportunity your business has. They’ve called you, so you’ve done something right so far. Now engage with them and capture their imaginations with thoughtful and engaging messages about your business and your products. It sounds difficult, but it’s really not. Our creative team takes care of it all, scripting, voicing, production and the delivery.

Regardless of your phone system, be it VoIP, on site or hosted PBX, even down to a single line phone system Captivate has a solution to suit your business…no more emailing, copying and installing onto old fashioned digital message players.