It has been over two years now since the release of Windows 10 and the take up has been phenomenal. There are now 500 million machines around the world with Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system, and for good reasons.

Microsoft built this operating system from ground up to redesign and reinvent the user interface. Previous user interfaces have been unintuitive and cluttered, to say the least. Not to mention the driver issues, blue screens, and endless restarts required to update software. Microsoft has taken a leaf out of Apple’s books and used their MAC OS design features to help make the windows interface a bit more user-friendly.

So here are five reasons why Windows 10 will make your business perform better:

  1. It is more secure. Microsoft has a team of 5000 working on Windows alone. Continues improvement is crucial to keep the reputation of Windows 10. With 100s of software packages, updates, drivers, devices, and many more released each day, it increases the number vulnerabilities introduced into the operating system. It is Windows team's job to ensure they're going through issues submitted by the end users and release updates for any security issues that could be caused. Windows is patched on an ongoing basis without you even knowing at times. No more monthly updates like previous versions, if there is an urgent update your IT provider should be rolling it out as soon as Microsoft has released it, and that could be within hours of it being released. All this means you will have a computer with the least amount of downtime, ever; making your team more efficient.
  1. It will increase productivity. Microsoft has redesigned entirely how memory is used on your PC. This isn't storage, but the temporary memory that is used while you're using your applications on your PC. It has complex algorithms to ensure it is utilising memory the best it can to increase performance. This means fewer restarts due to memory issues and fewer applications hanging while you make yourself a coffee. 
  2. Same interface across multiple devices. Windows is built as a universal and adaptable platform. You'll find that any device built by Microsoft in the future will have the windows interface - Mobile, surface, laptop, Xbox and anything else. Same interface for your users no matter what they're using. 
  3. Better restores. In previous versions, once there was a major issue with windows, reinstall from scratch was the only option. With Windows 10, you can go back to how it was when you got it AND keep your applications and documents intact. This happens in under 15 minutes. 
  4. Increased productivity. Refer to our article from last month about making your team productive with Windows 10 here.

Overall Windows 10 is a powerful operating system that will be a silent achiever for your team and your business that will add to your bottom line. Change to Windows 10 now to increase your business performance.