Why do people have websites? Is it just because “everyone has one”? Or is because a good business website can act like an extra staff member?

I’d go with the latter.

Websites can give your clients all the information they need about your business to give you the best chance of converting that sale. It can give the information, take a booking for you to meet the client, take the payment from them and can train them on their purchase. This is a massive time saver for you as you don’t have to worry about doing all the standard repetitive acts. You can get your website to do a lot of it… if it’s running.

Behind every great website is a great website host.

What is web hosting?

In short, web hosting is a bit of space on a server where you can store your website files. If you run a website that operates in Australia, then you’d want an Australian based server and hosting company. These days there are companies that provide cloud hosting. What this means is that instead of just having your website on one server. it’s on multiple, and spread out all over the world. This is a massive benefit as if there is ever an issue with one server, there is another one, or eight, that can serve up your website to who ever is looking for it.

So, now that’s covered, let’s link it to your website. We’ve gone through how your business website can act as an extra member of staff. Well, how many staff members work 24 hours a day, every day for you? None, obviously, but a website with great hosting can do just that. While you sleep, your website can serve people the information they request. From opening hours, contact details, buying products or signing up for a service from you.

Quick is best.

 No one likes waiting for anything, especially not for a website that they know has the information they need on. Your hosting provider needs to be quick so that all the website request demands can be met. Even a small delay of a couple of seconds can be enough to turn a potential client away.

When it comes to website speed, hosting is a very important part of it, but the website it’self needs to be as lean as possible. The hosting server can be lightening quick, but if it needs to load massive images or long videos then it’s going to struggle.

Putting this in the extra staff analogy, a slow host would be like having an unmotivated, lazy staff member. You want the most motivated and energetic staff member you can. The massive files would be like trying to get that employee to work as efficiently when having to get small, ergonomically designed stock from the warehouse compared to getting huge, heavy cubed stock from the warehouse.

Look fabulous, everywhere.

 So, you know why you need a website and you know what to look for when looking for a hosting company.

The next crucial step is for that website to look fabulous, everywhere. By that, I mean on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. All the text in it should be readable with out having to zoom in. There should not be text overlapping buttons or covering other text. The menu must be easily accessible and you need to get to wherever you need to be in no more than 3 clicks. The less the better.

Websites that do this perfectly are called responsive websites. They adjust to fit any screen size that is thrown at them. It would be like moving a staff member to a new location, and they instantly know where everything is, meaning there is no loss in work efficiency.

Google updated it’s search algorithm to penalise sites that were not responsive in it’s mobile search results. This is why you, as a Googler, are getting much better looking and readable sites when you search on a mobile.


 Having a website is far more than ticking a “must have if in business” box. Setting one up correctly is a massive advantage to have. It will happily do all the boring tasks of telling customers what you do, how you do it, when you do it, and it can do it all the time.

Having great hosting means that website will work for you non stop, and making sure the site looks good on all devices means you’ll give your visitors the best chance of becoming customers.

Article by Jon Schreyers From TechWhisperer