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Top 10 IT Support Companies: Perth, Australia

Top 10 IT Support Companies: Perth, Australia - Technical Support

How quickly will your business recover from an IT breakdown in Perth, Australia? If your business is likely to suffer significant downtime or revenue losses from an IT mishap, outsourcing your IT support to a Perth-based IT support company could be one of the best things you could do for your business. 

Even with the services of an on-site IT support engineer, an outsourced IT support team could support your organisation beyond the confines of your support engineers skill set – keeping your business well-equipped to deal with unpredictable, revenue-threatening IT challenges.  

If you run a business in Perth, we’ve put together for you a well-researched list of IT support companies in Perth, collated on the basis of their premium services, customer reviews, and cost-effectiveness. 

1.    Lindentech

Lindentech has provided IT support services since 1996. Their expert service team are focused on providing effective solutions to transform your business. Using their skills, knowledge, and certified expertise, you can be guaranteed that you will be provided with the latest technology for both Windows and Mac along with the unmatched know-how needed to keep your business at the top of its game. 

Boasting short waiting times, no contracts, and flexible plans designed to suit your needs, Lindentech are ready to assist you in any way they can. Whether you are looking to outsource all your IT management, or just need to bridge the gap between your internal IT department’s capacity and a growing demand, Lindentech can help. 

2.    TechBrain

Techbrain offers comprehensive IT support services aimed at reducing the total cost of IT such as downtime, inefficiency, and poor functionality, as well as enjoying greater overall business profitability. 

As a leading Perth-based IT company established in 2002, Techbrain provides a wide range of innovative IT services including IT security, cloud computing, data backup, product supply, disaster recovery and IT managed services solutions – with a great wealth of knowledge working with companies from larger corporates to small enterprises, nonprofit and local government organisations. 

3. EnableIT Services 

EnableIT holds over 20 years experience offering support services designed to deliver improved productivity and reduced costs, while employing a holistic approach to IT. They offer competent solutions for product sourcing, equipment installation, and virtual infrastructure while working to prevent hardware and software failures within your organisation. 

4.    Inspired IT

Inspired IT is a full-service Perth-based IT support company focused on providing reliable, personalised, and responsive IT services to small and medium businesses. With a fixed monthly service charge, Inspired IT covers a wide range of IT needs, employing a hybrid approach to ensure data integrity in the events of disasters or interruptions. They also offer cloud computing services and cybersecurity services, as well as dark web monitoring. 

5.    IT Support Perth

IT Support Perth delivers unmatched levels of quality and service for businesses. They help design network maintenance with maximum automation, disaster recovery process, hardware support, cybersecurity, website support, VolP phone systems, password management, email support and formulating data breach plans.  

6.    Core IT Solutions 

Core IT solutions offer IT solutions aimed at increasing business productivity, reducing downtime, reducing IT-related expense, while assisting in achieving operational excellence.

Their suite of IT support services includes helpdesk and onsite Support, IT network and server monitoring, server and workstation maintenance, backup and disaster recovery, IT asset management, mobile device management, system upgrades, wireless solutions, network security, and cloud services. 

7.    CBM Corporate

CBM Corporate aims to fix the challenges that small businesses face in deploying, maintaining, and protecting their IT infrastructure. They offer an ideal solution for businesses looking to keep their IT costs predictable. Their products and services provide businesses with dependable IT support services, computer network maintenance services, networking solutions and security, cloud services, virtualisation, IP telephony, as well as enterprise network support. 

8.    LIT Solutions

LIT Solutions prides itself in bringing IT support up to speed, with services ranging from cloud computing to hardware and software installation. Leveraging on their extensive experience, they offer businesses access to professional, personalised IT support, up-to-date hardware/software recommendations and implementation, cloud services, antivirus, firewall, and internet security specialisation, disaster recovery, and fixed-price project management. This enables businesses to stay competitive in a technology-driven world. 

9.    NETCorp

NETCorp IT Solutions based out of Perth was founded in 2007 with the sole aim of providing hassle-free and cost-effective IT support services to small and medium businesses. 

They specialise in SharePoint and SQL, Active Directory, servers, desktops, security and cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, programming,  unified communication, and IT asset management; as well as other IT offerings like web design, graphic design,  search engine optimisation (SEO)  and  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising such as Google AdWords. 

10.    Empower ICT

Empower ICT offers internet-based technologies and solutions that bring several advantages to businesses of various sizes and across diverse industries. 

They offer businesses complete IT support which includes mobile management, remote worker support, security, cloud infrastructure services, and voiced – internet – unified communication, as well as other tools that improve organisational efficiency along with making teams more productive using a seamless multi-channel users’ experience.

Find the right support for you, today…

If you are looking to outsource your IT support service to competent providers within the Perth region, the above-listed support companies are a great place to start. From cloud support to onsite IT support

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