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8 things your SMB needs to do in the time of COVID-19

The world’s fears have been realised and it is clear we are facing something very serious that is going to change how we do business for many months to come. These are difficult times and it is crucial that we work together to get through and out the other side. We will fight the coronavirus […]

8 key ways Business Owners and Leaders can get more out of their IT investment

IT is an investment like any other, and this means that business owners and leaders need to do their utmost to optimise this investment.  But, how exactly is this achieved? Take a look at our 8 key ways for businesses to maximise the return on their IT investment.  1. Adopt a culture of communication and collaboration  IT has to provide support for the productivity and […]
Benefits of ongoing corporate training

Benefits of ongoing corporate training

We are robots. We sleep for 8 hours, work for 8 hours, do sports/ watch television/ scroll through social media/eat…another 8 hours. Over and over again until a year has passed and we still haven’t learned anything new. I am sure that you’re good at your job, you’re amazing at doing what you do because you’ve […]

7 Steps to Create an IT Budget for your Small Business

Know your company growth Know what systems you need for the growth Know your business processes Create your Core System ecosystem Find a good IT Partner – use our article here and here Team buy-in Create a Budget IT budgets are a daunting process for small businesses that are looking to expand. It poses all […]