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Technology Challenges for Businesses in 2021 - Text

Technology Challenges for Businesses in 2021

In a semi-post-pandemic world, it is no surprise that most of the issues that businesses are dealing with are still connected to the drastic shift in working models we experienced last year. Although employees and businesses have quickly adapted to a remote working model, there are some key issues of concern surrounding security, privacy, compliance, […]
Top 10 IT Support Companies: Perth, Australia - Technical Support

Top 10 IT Support Companies: Perth, Australia

How quickly will your business recover from an IT breakdown in Perth, Australia? If your business is likely to suffer significant downtime or revenue losses from an IT mishap, outsourcing your IT support to a Perth-based IT support company could be one of the best things you could do for your business.  Even with the […]
How to choose an IT provider - Business analysis

The real business value of flatlining your IT costs: 5 benefits

Here’s a look at what it means to “flatline” your company’s IT costs, and how predictable IT costs can help your business grow. When you’re looking for business IT support, your goal is to find a cost-effective, reliable contract that helps you avoid unpredictable cash flow, fluctuating IT costs, and inefficient, reactive budgeting. What you need […]
Campus Perth - Campus Perth

Campus Perth

The Company Campus Perth is the newest, first specifically designed student accommodation to come to Perth City. Their goal is to help students achieve a harmonious balance of study, social life, and wellness. The Challenge Lindentech was bought on solely to provide desktop support services for the staff at Campus Perth and day-to day support […]
Seashells Hospitality Group - Seashells Broome

Seashells Hospitality Group

Lindentech took over our IT in September of 2011. Since taking over Lindentech have changed the face of our IT by interconnecting our branches and have improved productivity drastically. With Lindentech’s fixed IT support and budgeting we now know our exact IT expenditure and there are no more ‘sudden server upgrades’. Lindentech’s distributed help desk […]
MDC Global - Logo

MDC Global

We engaged Lindentech to manage all our IT infrastructure and support us with our recent office move. They have provided very professional and personal assistance and made us feel very comfortable with everything. All technicians are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and we feel very confident with Lindentech providing us IT Support going forward. We […]