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Power BI vs Tableau: how do they differ and which is right for your business?

A recent McKinsey survey showed that during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies accelerated their digital transformation projects by 3 – 4 years. These advancements pave the way for cloud-based scalability, which in turn creates the need for contemporary data analytics solutions and BI (business intelligence) platforms to meet up to the increasingly complex demands of modern-day enterprises. In the past, […]
Transform Your Reports With Microsoft Power BI

5 Steps to building Business Intelligence using dashboards

Business intelligence is now a common term amongst business owners. BI software is now mainstream and in high demand in medium to large businesses. However, for small businesses, it is still a struggle due to complex (but small) databases and the consulting time it takes to deploy them; until now. Firstly let’s look at what […]
The Melbourne Hotel - 5 Star Hotel in Perth

The Melbourne Hotel

Our Client Built in 1893, The Melbourne Hotel is Perth’s oldest hotel. Completely redeveloped in 2017, the heritage listing placed on the hotel meant that the original building needed to be preserved as closely to the original as possible. During the redevelopment a new building was added to the hotel which added an additional 60 […]